10 Best Affiliate Programs for fashion bloggers

Do You want to open a Fashion Blog or You have already a fashion & lifestyle blog but are You finding the best affiliate marketing programs and you can’t decide which affiliate program is better?

Here this article We will totally guiding you, If you are a Fashion bloggers, Then which is the best affiliate Programs is suitable to you and from this, you can earn good money.

Top Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

Here is our List, You will find your best affiliate Programs for Your fashion or Lifestyle blogs.


Awin Affiliate network

AWIN is another largest affiliate Network with a mission to Connect advertisers to Publishers. 100,000 publishers work with them, So naturally, AWIN is the most trustable Affiliates Network.

  • 1000+ employees are work to there Companies.
  • 13k+ advertisers are Connected.

They have generated £12 billion in revenue for their advertisers and Pay on £540 million for their publishers in the last year.

Commission Rate

The average commission rate of 5%, When you will Spend is $500.

2. ShareASale


To the time ShareASale is another Pretty big Affiliate marketing Network. Over 3900+ Merchants are Connected to their networks. Founded in 2000 in Chicago, from the United States.

ShareASale was acquired by AWIN on US$35 million in 2017 but the Old Site Awin also looks like a different brand.

Different types of Commission are available to different Products. If you want to Promote any Company’s Product, For that, first get approval from that company,

If this Company is approved Your applications Then You definitely Promote their Product and get commissions. When you get the approval of this company, you will see it in your campaign dashboard.

Commission Rate

20% of Commission Share to their Publishers and marketers

Payment Threshold

If You make a minimum of $50 to your account, Then You get Payment through of ACH direct deposit or wire transfer to your bank account.

3. Zaful Fashion

Zaful affiliate network

Zaful Fashion is an International Popular Clothing brand. This company usually sells ladies’ clothing products. If you are a Social Media Influencer, Then you can definitely Join this Program and Gain more Profits through the vaild sales.

First, you need to log in to influencer.firstgrabber.com, Then apply for Campaign. Once you get approval, you will get many kinds of promotional banners and you can promote them through your blog.

Commission Rate

30% Commission is Share to the Publishers

Payment Thresholds

You will earn $10 for signing up and transfer money through of Paypal Only.

4. Amazon Associates


Amazon is the Largest eCommerce marketplace in the World. They also provide Affiliate Programs. We know Amazon pays less revenue to their affiliates.

Believe me, affiliate networks like Amazon Affiliate do not offer any affiliate network. It has some special advantages.

  • Amazon pays their affiliates between 4% and 10% commission.
  • If you promote a product to someone, if they see your product and buy another product within 24 hours without buying your audience, you will still get commission.
  • Amazon affiliate operates in more than 13 countries, So You can use there exclusive GEO targeting features means You can get commission to according Your audience country.

Commission Rate

Amazon associates Provide 10% of Commission to their Fashion Products.

Payment Threshold

If Your Amazon associates accounts make $10 Then You get Payment to your Bank account.

You can Join the different types of Country-wise affiliate Programs on the different websites of amazon.

5. CJ (Commission Junction)

Commission Junction

CJ or Conjunction is a popular affiliate network that works with almost all types of marketplaces. The CJ Affiliate Program shares revenue with its publishers as well as various companies. It comes with a very old platform 1B + Monthly Publisher reach.

If you are an affiliate marketer and want to work with more than one affiliate marketer in the same place honestly then CJ or Commission Junction Affiliate Network is the best choice for you. Its powerful technology tracks each of your Sells accurately.

There are some affiliate marketers who don’t approve of you directly but if you apply through CJ Affiliate Network, you can easily get disapproval from there and you are ready to promote their product.

Commission Rate

Depends on the Affiliate Marketplace

Payment Threshold

US$50 (Direct Deposit) or US$100 (Cheque).

6. Gorillawear Fitness Apparel

Gorilla Wear

Gorilla wear is the world’s largest leading gym and sports one brand. It also provides affiliate programs. They mainly sell sports-type clothes, in their affiliate program they share a 20% commission on each sale to the publishers.

The Gorilla wear fitness affiliate program is associated with the ShareASale Affiliate program, so you must first join ShareASale and then sign up for this affiliate program.

If you are a specialized fashion blogger, you can easily earn money by promoting this company’s products through your blog or YouTube channel.

Commission Rate

20% for Each Sell

Payment Threshold

$100 USD for PayPal Transfer.

7. Cuelinks

Cuelinks affiliate

The key to affiliate marketing is that the more engaging your content is, the more engaging the audience will be and the more sales it will generate, and the more revenue you will be able to generate.

Like other affiliate networks, Cuelinks is a large affiliate network. Who works with various Fashion brands such as Reebok, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Zalando, Levi’s, Adidas, etc.

If you are a fashion blogger, you can earn revenue by joining Cuelinks Affiliate Network if you want, find the marketplace of all these fashion brands and join their affiliate to promote their products.

Commission Rate

Since Cuelinks is an affiliate network, the commission structure of each company is different, it depends on the affiliate terms and conditions of each company.

Payment Threshold

If your Cuelinks account has a minimum of Rs.500 in Indian currency, then Cuelinks transfers directly to your bank.

8. J.Mclaughlin’s Affiliate Programs

J.MClaughlin affiliate Program

J.Mclaughlin’s is an international clothing brand. If your purchasing budget is more than $15o, they deliver the product internationally through UPS Shipping Service and deliver your product to any country in just three days.

If you want to join the program in its affiliate, first join ShareASale then search in the marketplace “J.Mclaughlin’s”, if you find it, apply for disapproval, if you get disapproval, you will be ready to promote their product.

You do not need to create any custom banners to promote their products. They have some readymade banner templates, you can get them if you join their affiliate program and you can use them on your blog as you wish.

You can easily generate sales with the link in the description of the YouTube channel.

Commission Rate

They provide affiliate programs through ShareASale and share a 20% commission on each Sell with publishers.

Payment Threshold

There Merchant’s initial balance is $100, If you have Then you can Transfer your Local Bank account.

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9. Newchic

Newchic Affiliate Programs

Another popular clothing brand is Newchic. As well as their products being of good quality, they also provide affiliate marketing programs with the highest commission.

The method of earning affiliate Marketing commission from them is similar. First, you have to make Newchic, then you will get a separate unique referral link for each product, and if someone purchases through this link you will get upto 50% commission from it.

Commission Rate

They share the first 18% commission for newbie or newbie, when you gradually become the old publisher, they will share a maximum of 50% of revenue

Payment Threshold

Minimum $100 to Transfer your Bank Account

10. Sigma Beauty Influencer Program

Sigma Beauty Influencer Program

Sigma Beauty is a production company that provides a variety of makeup, kit brushes, cosmetic types beauty products. They claim that their products are 100% chemical-free and safe.

No matter what product you promote, first, you have to educate the customer and whenever the customer understands his requirements, he will trust you and buy from your link.

Commission Rate

The company shares up to 10% commission with their publishers, on each sale. Sigma Beauty Company also occasionally offers cash prize contests for their publishers from which you can also win some products exclusively.

Payment Threshold

Check out the Official Website Because it changes from time to time.


Let’s choose the best affiliate marketing program for you among these 10 top fashion brands. Share this article with our friends.

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