Why most people stuck in the rut when it comes to blogging?

How to really add value to your visitors and allow them to know you before even meeting in person, and eventually trust you enough to do business with you?

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If you have EVER started a blog...continue reading.

If you have NOT started a blog in your life…please continue reading too.

What’s the difference between most blogs and the blog that keeps the audience engaged, coming back for more?

Millions of blog are on the World Wide Web today. Thousands more are created every single day.

Even a primary school student can start to blog in 10 minutes, but only a fraction of bloggers have the persistence to deliver real content to their intended audience. 

We see successful ones, and you thought – these are blogs with a dedicated team of running it. You thought “I can’t do that!”

What if we prove that you are wrong?

Blogging is a great work, and you want recognition for what you do – a contribution to the masses, if you may.

But let’s be realistic. You would want to monetize it as well.

You heard it before – Adsense/Nuffnang and affiliate marketing.

But, you CANNOT just put up a blog and slap it with Ads or affiliate products, and Wishfully Hope visitors (if there’s any) to click on the ads or buy the products you are selling for other people.

This is the MYTH, so we are not regurgitating these crap you can Google on the Internet.

If you don’t have:

  • A raving audience which cares about what you have to say or what you have to offer
  • A blog post that comes up in the first page of Google when people are finding that exact info in your blog post
  • A hundred thousands or more visitors or page view month

...then making money from blogging using paid ads alone is like finding a few drips of water in the desert.

Sound Familiar? When you don’t see money flowing in, you soon gave up trying to make money from blogging, not realizing the GAP that is preventing you from monetizing your blog.

In Blogging Method, We aim to close this gap.

KCLau, founder of kclau.com

Without my blog, I wouldn’t have published 6 books, created  7 profit-making online membership sites, become a magazine columnist, met revered personalities like founder of IJM, Koon Yew Yin, CEOs of companies, etc….”

KCLau, founder of kclau.com
KCLau dot com

Convinced that this is for you?

The best time to take action is yesterday. The next best time is TODAY.

Get Started Now

The course we’re launching today provides the framework and step-by-step instructions for creating a blog that matters.

This framework is what we used to launch, market and monetize our blogs (KCLau.com andHowToFinanceMoney.com)

It may look easy & straightforward while the benefits of blogging are easy to recognize and praise,


Not every bloggers will reap these rewards. There are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence, and only a fraction of them will eventually achieve the goals that he or she starts with.

Ever wonder Why do some blogs become successful while most go unnoticed?

“I started blogging in 2011 to explore my creativity and share my impartial learning in my journey in better financial literacy.

Out of my own surprise, ever since I started this blog, amazing things have happened. I’ve made new friends & acquaintances, built a side business in spare time  while still employed full time, got invited to media events, re-discover my dormant linguistic creativity, to having my own column in a financial magazine and an established news portal.

I’ve even received countless emails from readers that lift me up, make me think, and make me grateful every day for being able to share my voice and help people through blogging.

When I think back over the awesome experiences I’ve gone through over the past 3 years, blogging is at the epicenter of what has since became the catalyst of these events, which may never had happened otherwise.

I got to know KCLau in person and even collaborated together on projects (this one’s included).”

CF Lieu
CF Lieu LCF on Personal Finance

For the course to be beneficial to you, first you have to comprehend, accept and prepare for the hard realities of blogging before you start.

  • Blogging takes an incredible amount of work, patience and stamina

    Heard the word 99% perspiration and 1% luck? That applies here. Myself and KC simply works our ass off every week to update fresh content – which may seem so effortless to you. We are NOT the brightest or incredibly talented or know-it-all but we do our research, read a lot and pitch the right people to create our content. We think intelligence and talent take a back seat to hard work when it comes to blogging.

  • Blogging IS NOT the quick path to fame or fortune

    If a few bucks flow into your bank account from your blog within the first 6-12 months, chances are, you are starting on the right track. However, you can forget about making a living within the first or second year. While monetizing your blog is fun and rewarding, don’t expect it to happen overnight. You still need a full time or part time job – blogging revenue is only good to supplement your income if you are just starting out. If money is purely your goal, there are quicker paths to it than blogging. This may sound out-of-place, but for us, we are in it for much more than money alone. It wouldn’t last long – trust us.

  • Blogging is about falling in love with content creation, consistently

    Blogging requires creating a truckload of content. This means writing a ton, and most of the times, it revolves around various formats like podcasts, YouTube videos,infographics etc. You don’t have to be fluent in Queen’s English, but if you hate essay writing in secondary school, the monetary compensation is not going to cut it for you.

    If you don’t like writing or otherwise recording ideas to share with your audience, blogging will be a mental punishment for you.

    Now, this is a skill you can learn to like, but only with the right mindset.

  • Blogging is about adding value to people’s life

     It’s one thing to like writing because you spend all the time writing about yourself (photoblogs of yourself in various camera angles).  Blogging requires something more. You have to write for other people. You can write about your personal experience but you have to relate those stories about yourself into something other people can be informed or entertained by. The audience (or lack of) will let you know if your writing is as good as you thought. Most of the time, if your writing receive lukewarm response (social media gauge, anyone)  it means you’re NOT relating to your audience and thus fail to provide them with much value.

We created this course because we truly believe in the ability of blogs to impact people’s life and the creator that started them. Have fun doing it, build a brand and monetize it at the same time?

This course is for the You who have the dedication, passion and desire to make a Ding in the Universe (or in Malaysia, just not to be overly overdramatic) as the late Steve Jobs put it, but lacking in the structured knowledge to start your blog, market and eventually monetize it…

Then you should consider joining us in this course.

Why is Blogging Method different from any blogging conference or books?

  • We don’t talk about using Blogspot to blog; we talk about using self-hosted WordPress domain instead, like how the Big Boys do it.
  • We don’t talk about blogging for fun; we talk about blog marketing mindset to gain exposure.
  • We don’t talk about blogging in your spare time as a hobby; we talk about monetization mindset.
  • We don’t talk about just being content creator; we talk about site security, basic SEO, leads generation, etc

  • 80 Video Tutorials from Launching to Marketing your Blog
  • Module 1: What you should blog about
  • Module 2: Setting up Your Blog
  • Module 3: Essential Blog Design and Layout
  • Module 4: Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Module 5: How to Create Outstanding Content
  • Module 6: How to Get Noticed in the Massive Blogosphere
  • Module 7: Plugin Sharing and Discussion
  • Module 8: Making your First Dollar from your Blog
  • Module 9: Build Credentials from Zero
  • Module 10: What Works and What Don’t
  • Module 11: Outsourcing 101

This course is delivered digitally. You’ll receive a login to the members area. Once you join, you’ll get instant access so you can start building your new blog right away. The courses are self-guided and self-paced, so you can take them anytime you wish.

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