10 Step to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What if you were Annoying to read a variety of marketing articles and didn’t understand how to step into the affiliate marketing world. In this post, I have discussed Powerful techniques of Affiliate Marketing from beginning to end.

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Before reading this article, I have to make a promise that you will succeed only if you follow the steps that I will tell you.

What is Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing definition is big, in a word affiliate marketing is a strategy through which the company pays the publisher to buy their product.

Publishers now convince audiences in a variety of ways, such as by blog post articles, by video, in a variety of ways. The most popular method is through blog posts, which I will show you, especially through this article.

But run away as soon as you hear it, some research I have shown, which you desperately need to know.

Types of Affiliate Marketplace

Generally Two types of affiliate Program are available in the market, which are Direct Affiliate Program and Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Program vs Affiliate Network

Although the model of affiliate marketing is similar, the company generates affiliate sales in a variety of ways, from publishers.

A. Affiliate Program

In order for a company to sell its own product, a special type of program is created for content publishers called an affiliate program.

As a result, publishers can easily promote their products and generate sales. Instead, the company pays publishers a small percentage of the commission through this affiliate program.

B. Affiliate Network

An affiliate network is a type of network where all the companies providing affiliate programs are connected in one place or a network company brings them together in one place.

Which is a great benefit to content publishers. By joining a program, all affiliate accounts can be controlled.

If you have a Financial Blog and Find to the Affiliate Program company to According this niche. You can follow this article

#1 Choose Your Comfort Platform

Nowadays people have become very smart, like wasting time in someone’s hands, there is no bad time so you have to understand which platform people take more. Must see which content you are comfortable with.

Currently, two types of platforms are usually very popular. One is that you can promote affiliate products by writing blogs or by reviewing various products through video blogging.

Affiliate marketing funnel

Promotion through Writing blog Posts

Blog posting is by far the best way to promote your affiliate product, much easier today. But for that you have to write your content well, through which you have to make the audience happy, then your conversion will come more which means it will be converted to affiliate Sell.

Promotion through making Video

Nowadays video content is much more popular than text content. If you do a Google search for something, you will see the video as a suggestion. For example, if you search Google Home Review, you will also see related video reviews.

affiliate products promote example

So if you know how to make videos and want to promote affiliate products, then the video can be one of the mediums.

#2 Find the Potential Niche

The first step in starting affiliate marketing is to choose the perfect niche. The affiliate products that you will select The demand for the product is always in the market.

Choose affiliate products whose availability is available in all online marketplaces so that customers can buy from their favorite marketplaces.

Remember your affiliate website only wants to be one in itself. With the topic of micro niche, if you start an affiliate website, you can expect success from it soon.

Refrain from promoting sessional products, Because it will never give you earnings. Lastly I would like to say Niche choose a product that has a future and you can create a brand

#3 Choose the SEO Friendly Domain Name

If you want to sell your affiliate product to the audience through your own website, You need a seo friendly, short domain name. If you find your niche related domain, it is better and you can easily build your brand with it in the future.

For example, If your Blog is related to kitchen niche, Then you have to search for the name in the kitchen related domain.

For this you can use this free Domain Checker tool, which allows you to search the domain of your website according to the niche for free.

#4 Choose the Good and Optimized Hosting

You can easily start an affiliate blog from Google Blogger which is completely free but It have many limitations like

  • You can’t customize as you wish, you need to code to affiliate your affiliate link to mention No-follow.
  • There are some restricted categories that you can’t promote using Google Blogger so I say, if you are very serious about affiliate marketing.
  • You can never automatically add products from any website to your web site.

Then you start with WordPress, your first affiliate website. As a result, you will have complete control over your website.

Need to host WordPress, a best web hosting. To get you a very expensive hosting, I will not say first of all the best and beginner friendly hosting for you.

I would recommend Hostinger, whose uptime is outstanding and optimized for especially WordPress.

#5 Keyword Research for Affiliate Blog

I assume you have selected the product nicely and set up your affiliate blog, but you should not just select the product nicely, you need the right keyword research, which will help to rank organically on google.

Keyword research is not the Rocket Science. Keyword research means that what the audience is searching for is stored on the internet. Here is a small hint that any keyword research tool.

There are many free keyword research tools on the market that allow you to do keyword research. But I can never give a 100% guarantee because the accuracy of many of these tools is not so good. Yet I mentioned below.

SEMRush is the most popular and Premium keyword research tool on the Internet. Which is used by many big industries, You can also use.

The best part about this premium tool is that you can watch it with a free dial for 14 days before you use it, if you don’t like it you can end your subscription right there.


Now you too can easily do keyword research and produce more better affiliate products related content, with this premium tool.

#6 Start Publishing the Content

If you want to generate sales on your affiliate products, also through websites. Then you need to maintain the frequency and publish articles or produce videos in video marketing strategy.

Article Publishing Strategy

If I say in article strategy, you have to publish at least 1 article a week. Spend time on keyword research 1 day a week, one day on content research and a day on graphics.

Next day on Publish the Best content and Finally share the article on various social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The place where you put the link in the affiliate of your article must be a no-follow link, otherwise Google will not allow that article to rank.

Video Publishing Strategy

Affiliate marketers who usually sell their products through video marketing should publish at least two videos a week.

Keep one day a week to shoot Raw videos, one day to edit, next to create thumbnails.

Then share the videos on different social media video platforms on the last day Like YouTube, Facebook videos, Vimeo, IG TV, moreover you can embed videos in the article.

If you want to write high conversion articles you can read these books below which will make you complete good knowledge about copywriting and you can easily write high conversion affiliate product-related articles.

#7 Start the Backlinking Strategy

After following the previous strategies, the next task is to backlink each of your articles. Backlinking is the key to ranking any site on Google.

First You should Create Interlink your blog Post and backlinks to other Popular sites.

Types of Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks are usually done in two ways, one is Internal backlinking and external backlinking.

Internal backlinking

You can link to all previously published articles on your blog using internal backlinks. So that once a post is ranked in your affiliate blog, the rest of the posts will continue to be ranked.

External Backlinking

External backlinks are references to other popular websites. As a result, Google easily gets a good signal on your blog.

There are many ways to do external backlinking, one of which is, you need to first share the article on the micro-blogging platform, just like many websites.

Because the micro-blogging platform is already the high authority Site, it ranks very quickly when you post any article like Quora, Medium, Tumbler, blogger etc.

If you need to, I have a list of free do-follow backlinks, one of which will allow you to create backlinks for your new affiliate website, and Google will give you a high priority.

#8 Build the Social Profile to Different Platform

According to the google search algorithm, Social signal is very mattered to rank your blog post on the google search engine.

For that, you need to create a profile on every social media platform related to your blog like Facebook group, Instagram profile, Quora Space profile, Telegram Channel, etc.

Start with Quora

The popular Question-answer platform is Quora. In which you can delete the link of the article of the products in your affiliate with the answers of different people.


Never share links to products in Direct Affiliate, no one will buy it or your quora profile may be banned.

So first you give the value, explain the requirements of the product. Then you will easily see that your product is selling.

Start with Medium

Medium.com is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms. Here you can promote the direct to the affiliate link of your choice.


Remember that medium.com never gives you Do-follow backlinks, It only comes with No-follow backlinks. So it does not rank anyone but ranks itself.

The look of a medium platform is like a website, so you always have to publish large-length articles that will easily rank on Google. So always create product reviews and promote products in affiliate.

Then you don’t need any website for affiliate marketing. medium.com will fill the gap of not having that website.

Start with Tumbler

Tumbler s another Popular Microblogging Platform on the Western-based country like the US, UK, Canada, etc.

You can create exactly the same website as your website, you can even add custom domains with Tumbler. But keep it in Google AdSense is not here, Only in affiliate marketing you can do with the help of Tumbler.com.

#9 Apply on Ezoic Ads

I know affiliate marketing is really very profitable. But believe me, at first not a single cell will come from your blog.


Then you can use Ezoic Ads, which means Google Adsense will be associated with Google Adsense publishing company, Google’s high CPC ads will produce on your website.

As a result, even if someone reads your article and does not buy the product, you will get revenue for motivation in the initial time from those ads.

Then when your blog becomes very popular, high conversions will come and your affiliate marketing journey will be successful.

#10 Run a Campaign on Google Ads

If you want to convert your affiliate product very fast then you need paid promotion that will provide you Google Ads.

For that you need to run a Google Ad Campaign. The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that

  • When you first promote your product, Google will give you extra 2000 free credit which you can use to run Ads for a longer period of time.
  • You can use Google AdSense filters to target people of a certain age, within a specific country, to reach targeted people at low cost.
  • Google Ads has its own artificial intelligence, which will automatically optimize your ad campaign in a Timely Manner So that conversions can come quickly and sell.

Final Words

Hopefully by following these Blueprints, you will be ready to start affiliate marketing and You can make extra money from your thoughts.

If you find this article helpful, then you must share it with your friends to earn money.

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