10 Reasons Why AdSense Ads Not Show on Your Blog

Is Google AdSense ads not showing on your blog or website?

This is a small thing to hear, but it is not something to be ignored. There are some reasons why Google Ad does not show on your website.

We have discussed some important issues below, you must read the article with your mind and it will definitely be useful.

Why do most publishers prefer AdSense?

In the online world, Adsense is one of the most preferred marketplaces for all publishers for its transparent ecosystem.Adsense delivers timely payments to users, which is another good thing. Moreover, AdSense’s ad serving quality is much higher, user friendly and high paying than all other companies.

Once your website has been compromised by AdSense, you can continue to work and your income will continue to grow, as was the case until a few years ago. But in today’s competitive world you don’t always have to keep up to date.

Some of our users have reported that their website is AdSense approved but AdSense is not showing ads. So here are a few reasons why I’m 100% sure your ad will show up again.

1. Low Valued Content

Whenever Google tells us that our site has low valued content, we get very worried. But first we need to understand how search engines work and which content gets more preference, when our blog or website can’t fulfill those requirements.

Low valued Content

Then they indicate low value content. Google’s eyes are the low-value content, It means

  • The topics with which your content is created, may be rarely searched on Google and may not get Google and its relevant advertisements, so the AdSense ads not show properly.
  • The keywords you have in your article may not be useful to your users.
  • Most of the internal or external links that are being used in your article are probably broken or irrelevant, which is making the user experience worse. As a result, your content is ultimately becoming low-value content.
  • Less useful articles are much better than a lot of useless articles. So older articles always need to be updated with algorithms and new information.

2. Replace the OLD Non-Responsive Ad script

As you may know, Google offers a variety of ad formats that make users more likable. Google used to provide two types of ad scripts through their ad code, but now Google only serves responsive ads to enhance the user experience. Which is automatically adjusted to the screen shape of each device.

In a word, if your site has unresponsive ad code, then your site may not show ads. So if you have an old unresponsive ad on your site, replace it and paste a new responsive ad code, The right ad will come to your site.

3. Due to using Ad-blocker in the browser

If you use an ad-blocker on your browser, you will not see the ad on your website. Don’t worry about it, your website’s visitor ad is absolutely visible. So be sure to check your browser and Remove the Ad-blocker extension, If you want to see the Website ads.

Remove ad-Blocker Extension

Just open Your Chrome browser and See the Top Right corner and Right click the Adblocker extension and Click to Remove now.

4. Monetizing YouTube channels and websites is not the same thing

Many people have doubts that they think that they have got adsense approval on YouTube, Adsense has also been approved on the website. But that’s not quite right, you have to get a separate AdSense approval for the website, the process is completely different.

First you have to send the website for verification. Then if AdSense understands All their policies have been fulfilled, then your site is ready to serve ads.

5. Must be Add your site on your AdSense account

After signing up on Google Adsense, It means your website is not connected directly on adsense, Then for this you have to first add your site within adsense, so if the ad is not showing inside your site then you should check on your site.

If you go inside the AdSense account, then If the active statement comes in that place, Then you have to think that your site is approved. If they do not show the active symbol, it means your site is not ready to serve the ads or may not approve.

6. Not following Google Publisher policy

We know, when Google has approved our site, These generally start showing Ad to our site within 2 to 3 hours. Then we bet very soon, first we get tired of Content in the beginning.

After that when AdSense is approved, then you start putting Spinning like Mining, Meaningless Content. Due to this also, the ad shows stop inside your side. Google may not even give you notice for this violation. Silently stop showing ads on your side.

According to the new rules, Google has not yet fully terminated your account. If there is any violation of your site, it imposes an ad limit, which reduces the number of ads coming to your site. As a result, the amount of earning on your website is very low.

That’s why I always recommend you, before experimenting with content on the website, you must read the Google Content Publisher Policy, it will keep your site safe.

7. Not placing ads properly on the website

In some cases, publishers experiment with Google AdSense on their blogs and show multiple ads on their blogs, resulting in poor user experience. You may know that Google always looks at the user experience, how to make it better, so if the user experience on your site is bad, it reduces the ad serving.

Publishers may want to experiment with a variety of ad placements. Explore Adsense ad placement policies below.


In some cases, publishers intentionally place buttons just below or on the body to make more money, so that the user cannot click on the button and knowingly clicks on the ad. As a result, you may get initial ad revenue at first, but then the same thing happens again and again.

Ultimately showing this error “Clickable elements too close together” on your Search console. If you do not fix this issue, your site may have an ad limit. Solved this issue to our another post.

8. As a result of publishing illegal content

In some cases, we publish content on a website that does not follow Google’s publisher policy, such as drug-related content, dangerous content means suicide,accidient related content, etc.

Also open harassment, 18+ content and Google disallows a bit and if you want to monetize with AdSense ads, then there will be limited ad shows so the income will be less.

If the content of your website promotes software that is illegal to share free download links, then Google prefers it as pirated content and for this, Google Adsense may come and permanently block ads. If you want to know if AdSense is permanently blocked on your website, you can check through this link.

9. Must be Add ads.txt File

Sometimes you will see that there is very little ad in the content of your web site, one of the reasons may be missing the ads.txt file. In that case you need to open your AdSense account and you will see a notification menu showing up, where it says ads.txt file is missing.

You need to fill out this form properly. With this file, advertisers can better understand where the ad is being displayed. If you ignore this, the ad serving on your site becomes limited.

How to Add ads.txt file on your Server

If you have Self hosted website, Then Open the c-panel and Upload the ads.txt file to your root folder. If you are done with this Process, Then You will see the ads.txt file on your website.
Finally you can Check this URL like yoursite.com/ads.txt

The complete guide we have already published on the website about this is given there.

10. Invalid Ad serving limits

Advertisers as well as publishers believe in Google’s integrity and continue to maintain Google and its ecosystem. Some bad users or publishers try to destroy it so Google has built strong algorithms for them and to save the advertisers.

But in some cases their algorithm can’t detect it properly and as a result it shows invalid traffic and as a result stops serving ads on your site for a limited time.

If you do not do any illegal work, then automatic ad show will be started on your site. If Google doesn’t have the time to launch the ad, you can give feedback to Google from your AdSense account.

However, if Google does not respond, you can appeal to Google to serve ads through the form below. This is the most effective way.

Follow the Ad Serving Troubleshooter tool

11 (Bonus Tips). Website loading speed

If the website loading speed is high, then the user experience on your website will be bad and Google will continue to de-rank your website.

Page Speed on bloggingmethod

Website loading speed usually depends on the hosting and website theme. If your website is self-hosted, then you need premium and good hosting.

You can also get extra discounts with my best hosting recommendation for you.

Among the website themes you can buy Newspaper X for premium themes like GeneratePress, Astra Pro, Ocean WP and News Blog. My personal recommendation It’s are too good.

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Final Thought

I hope you will follow my every point very well and And you probably understand why AdSense ads not show on your blog.

By following this method, Google AdSense Ad will show 100% on your website without any hesitation. Thanks for Spending your valuable time, Share this article to your blogger friends.

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