5 Way to Create the Profitable Backlinks for free

The word backlink is very short but its importance is much higher. Backlinks are one of the 200 most important SEO signals from Google.

We will share 5 points with you through this article with the help of which you can create Profitable backlinks.

What are Backlink

Backlinks are references to a major authority website that helps Google and any search engine understand the significance of your website.

But remember that backlinks are not the only thing that can be easily ranked, if that was the case then everyone would follow the same method. There are many factors to rank an article such as authority, web submission, Backlinks and many more.

Types of Backlinks

Although backlinks are a term, the web world is divided into different ways and it has defined goolge crawlers. Mainly backlinks are divided into two parts.

  • Do-follow Backlinks
  • No-follow backlinks

There are also many types of backlinks that Google has given priority to, albeit slightly.

  • UGC Links
  • Edu, ORG Backlinks
  • Sponsored Links

5 Way to Create Create Profitable Backlinks

There are various methods by which we can create Profitable Backlinks. The methods themselves are discussed

#1 Comment Type Backlinks

Comment backlinks are the oldest way to create backlinks that give us some exposure from Google. but Google can’t directly refer to this type of Profitable backlinks.

This means that most backlinks are no-follow backlinks, but some websites that have do-follow backlinks should create do-follow backlinks because they are mostly Spammy type backlinks.

This type of backlink is very useful for websites that get high efficient traffic because it increases web submissions and of course you have to do according to the comment, post, then you will get direct profit from the comment backlink.

Authentic Way to Create Comment Backlink

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before creating comment backlinks.

  • You should never paste a backlink in the middle of a comment to create a comment back link. If there is a website name box then you have to take the name of your website there otherwise the user can remove you.
  • The website does not have a name box to create a comment backlink, but you need to use the href tag.
  • Your comment should always be meaningful according to the post and make sure that your comment is helpful, then the admin will accept your comment.
<a href="https://www.yoursite.com">Visit yoursite.com!</a>

#2 PDF Submission

PDF Stands for Portable Document File. PDF is a document format that allows us to carry image video text file as a format.

This PDF file is used for various types of documents and ebooks. We will often see PDFs or all these files have reference links where we can reach the website by clicking on them and we can use this link for ranking, It means You can embed your Website Links on the PDF file.

PDF Submission for SEO

Did you know that Google gives priority to PDF in search engines?

There are many types of websites on the Internet that only accept PDFs as posts and you can convert your posts to PDF files and publish them on those websites.

You will get benefits as do-follow links and you will also get visitor traffic and which is Called PDF Submission. PDF Submission is another and effective way to ranking your Website for free.

List of PDF Submission


Get Edu and Gov Backlinks

#3 Profile Backlinking

Creating a profile backlink is very important for every beginner and it is an easy way to get a follow back link which is always acceptable to Google.

Not only does profile backlinks increase your website’s ranking, it also increases your site’s authority and increases online presence, which is important for every newbie.

To create a profile backlink, you first need to target some basic websites, such as various social media likes like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Content sharing sites include Tumbler, medium, Quora by which we can produce text content and link our profile between them.

How to Create Profile Backlink

First you need to create a profile on all these websites and now these social media have a box called website where you can name your site.

As a result, if someone types the name of your website or your name in Google, it will show the social media in which you have your account in its reference, and your followers will also increase in those social media.

If the followers increase, the traffic of the site will come from the links of those websites.

Guest Posting Strategy

Nowadays guest posting is the most effective method through which backlinks are easily obtained.

Guest Success First any successful site will not accept your site. First, find someone of your level and collaborate with them and the most important thing is to build a community that will give you all the time of genuine traffic.

If you want to do guest posting, you first need to increase the number of articles on your site, so post at least 50+ articles and create backlinks in it. This is the way to get backlinks from another site, you can do that yourself.

Guest Post benefits
Guest Post Benefits

You can create a guest post page on your site with the help of which you can accept guest posts from other sites. This will increase the total number of articles on your site

Read this: How to Create Guest Posting Site on Blogger

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a method by which we can get backlinks very easily. If we can list our website among those directory sites, visitors will come to our site organically and that will be considered as quality backlinks.

Nowadays, online directories are read more and more. So if our website is at the top of the list of these online directories, you can get backlink juice from it too. With this we can get website traffic.

Because all the traffic that comes from these sites is targeted visits and there is a higher chance of selling from them. So it is very important to submit our directory

How to Submit our Site to Online Directory

Nowadays Different types of tools are present on the internet, With the help of which we can easily list our site in the online directory.

There are two types of tools, free tools, and paid tools. Free tools should not always be used because these tools cannot detect properly and occasionally list your website on spammy sites, which does more harm than good.

seo software

Thanks for Reading our amazing articles. I hope this article explains to you the top five effective ways you can easily get backlinks.

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