26 Free (Dot)GOV and EDU Backlinks for Instant approval

Google always preferred on Government and Educational site, So every blogger is want to their backlinks on Government site. But Google knows all of this they are very strict. So You can create two or maximum three backlinks in one day.

So be careful don’t create many backlinks in one day. So Lets Grab the Free EDU Backlinks is here in the Below

List of the 26 Free GOV and EDU Backlinks

  1. www.vhcc.edu
  2. www.clinton.edu
  3. www.brookings.edu/blogs
  4. www.oc.edu
  5. ecurrent.fit.edu
  6. www.health.harvard.edu/blog
  7. blogs.babson.edu
  8. jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu
  9. www.oberlin.edu/blogs
  10. www.rasmussen.edu
  11. blogs.hanover.edu/students
  12. www.stevenshenager.edu/blog
  13. healthcare.utah.edu/healthfeed
  14. blog.online.colostate.edu
  15. students.ashworthcollege.edu
  16. www.bi.edu
  17. startup.nujs.edu/blog
  18. www.calmu.edu/blog
  19. pty.vanderbilt.edu
  20. www.cc-sd.edu/blog
  21. onlinelaw.wustl.edu
  22. msw.usc.edu
  23. www.baystate.edu/blog
  24. www.warner.edu
  25. blog.antiochschool.edu
  26. ebiquity.umbc.edu

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