Top 5 Best URL Shortener Websites with earning $10 per 1,000 Views

Do You Know, How to make money to Link Shortner Websites? Yes! This is the Micro Jobs Category to online Jobs. Also, they called URL Shortner.

Want to make Money with URL Shortener Links?

Today this article We will Tell you Top 5 Best URL Shortener Websites, where you Earn $10 Per 1000 Views.

A few years ago, Google is shutting down there URL Shortner Website due to Spamming reasons but existing links will keep working. had a Simple URL links, They Can’t Paid their customers. Simultaneously a Few Company are Open there New Concept Paid to Click Method and Link Shortner Site.

How Link Shortener Website Works

I am Honestly Speaking, URL Shortner Website offer a unique URL generator.

Who want to make money, They are using the original url Paste to the Link shortner Website and Generate unique link. When anyone Click this URL, Then firstly Show Some ads. After Sometime to automatically redirect to the main destination site.

Link Shortner Site will earn $1 to $2 by your clicks, They will Pay Some money to there earning. Earning is totally depends on their countries CPC rate.

Advantages of URL Shortner Website

URL Shortner website have more earning opportunity. Means When Earning are Depend to the country’s CPC. When anyone Click your link from US, UK, Canada, then your earning 2x. To the opposite way your earning is less, when anyone Click your link to the low cpc country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India as compared to US, UK.

To the Mazor advantage of URL shortener websites.
You have not to need any website, a YouTube channel. Just Share there Shorten link on social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

5 Best URL Shortener to Earn Money Online

Now, Let see the 10 Best URL Shortener to Earn Money.

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1. is the Trusted URL Shortner Website and This is the UK Based company. They also offer to earn to the link shorting strategy.

Currently, offers a very attractive payout to there publishers, If you
Properly distribute your links, Then you easily earn up to $100 for 10000 visits.

But be Aware, Don’t Missuse to these links and Don’t distribute adult and spamming content, otherwise Team are bann your account.

Minimum withdrawal limits:

PayPal -$2
Bitcoin -$5


To the Time Lots of URL Shortner Sites are available in the market. Most of URL Shortner Sites are froud and you can’t earn any money.

But If you’re talking to the Trusting factor, Some Link Shortner sites perfectly work and you can make real money. is the most popular and trusted OLD Link Shortner Website. You can earn real money but some less to another company.

According to the official Report of

  • No. of Registered users: 1,017,836
  • Total URLs shortened: 1,758,071,729
  • Total URLs clicked: 6,679,203
  • Highest CPM: $14.04 for US traffic

Minimum Payout

  • $5 for PayPal
  • Referral Income is Available for 20% of income

3. Shrinkearn

Shrinkearn is one of the fastest-growing Link Shortnering platforms to earn money easily. As the Same Strategy to the earning of the other Link shortener platform. Its lots of features like You can Customize there Ads banner, They offer different kinds of ads like interstitial ads, Popender ads, etc.

They offer the highest CPC to there publisher (According to the report, highest payout as $20/1000 views). Normally You Can Make $3.50/1000 Views. Just Shorten their links and Share on the Social media site. They also offer the Referral earning opportunity like 25% Referral Bonus to there publishers.

Miniumum Payout

Payment Method: $5 only for PayPal
Referral Program: Yes (25% Referral Bonus)
Payment Time: Daily


OUO.IO is another trusted Link Shortner Company to all over the internet. It’s also Provides a big opportunity of earning money without Spending a Single $ (Dollar). You can Earn $1.5 /1000 Views. This mostly depends on the Country’s CPM. According to the highest paying reports, Approx the high rates of $5 /CPM through OUO.IO.

They offer Great Customer Support. OUO.IO also offers more advanced features like Ads customization. They offer Referral earning Systems 20% of your Referrer earning.

Minium Payout Rate

Minimum Payout: $5 only
Payment Method: PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer
Payment Time: 1st day and 15th day of each month

5. Linkvertise

Linkvertise is the advanced link Shortner Company. This is easy to use to ean money by your advertisement. Now you have to share your links and earn money to every clicks.

It also offers many user-friendly features. They Stored your every links to there database. So you can modify and delete your Links to anytime. They also offer an Advanced Tracking system, You can check to every data like visitor country, Click, CPM and Spammy activity.


Linkvertise one of the Highest Paying Link Shortner Platforms. You can expect your Hight earning at $9.5 /1000 views. It has the lowest payout threshold limit. You need to earn a minimum of $10, Then you can easily withdrawal your earnings through PayPal. Referral earning of 5% to every referrer.

Minimum Payout rate

Minimum Payout: $10 for PayPal
Payment Method: PayPal, Direct Deposit
Payout Time: Payments are processed within 24-48 hrs once you submit your withdrawal request.

Final Thought

We hope you find the Best Link Shortner Website to find this post. Every Link shorner Site is Good, Just need a Proper trusted review and there Earning Policy. We hope you Like this Post. So Please Comment in below this post.

So Thank you and Happy Earning!

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