10 Proven Way to Make Money with WordPress

This article we will Talk to you, 10 proven ways to make money with your WordPress website. and the tools to help you succeed but these are like the building blocks that you really want to master these.

We said it will take time and effort to get this going and that’s to say that, none of. These are get-rich-quick schemes and that should it should be a good thing for you to hear, because you know that you could put in the work to do it.

There are many other people who will just let it fall by the wayside, because they’re looking. For that silver bullet that quick fix. So your competition should be lowered so if you’re ready to learn about them So Let’s Go.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing it is one of the most proven ways to make money online with your blog or website.

It’s is basically when you recommend a product or service to your audience. Using a special tracking link and it meant somebody purchased using your link, you will get a referral commission a good way to think about affiliate marketing.

To real life is maybe when you help a friend open a bank account or you help them buy a car you usually get a gift card or some sort of bonus in exchange.

So similar to that you know online many of the companies and services offer an affiliate program and there’s one just about in every niche.

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You can you know join it on amazon like amazon is a big affiliate program commission junction is a big network share sells a big network you can go there and find products.

In just about every industry in every use case with WordPress one of the to leave acumen using in combination with all these programs is pretty links.

Pretty links is allows you to first manage all of your affiliate links on your website in a more organized way it makes your links branded.

So they’re short and you can use them in YouTube videos and podcast and Instagram and then really smart feature about free links is that it can automatically replace keywords in your older blog post with affiliate links.

So you actually make the maximum earnings so number one is affiliate marketing.

Do the Display Advertising

Online ads and building on with affiliate marketing if you want to you can put ads on your website to earn a commission and all this means is somebody is selling a product or a service. Buy the ads and you put those ads on your site.

You get a cut of that Commission and the easiest way to do that is by installing google AdSense.

Adsense makes it super easy for you you simply insert a script on your site you don’t even have to know how to code and the best part about it is you control the type of ads the ads placement.

If you want and as well as what type of ads are on your site and things like that you could also once you’re getting started go to google adsense website to see how much you could possibly start making in your category.

They have a little calculator and I’ll tell you based, on how much traffic you have and what your website or what your blog is about,how much you might be able to earn.

Selling on Ads

Selling ads directly so while Google AdSense is really easy to set up the amount of money you earn with it is limited. Because number one Google takes a cut for finding the advertiser so they’re an intermediary.

So the amount of money you’re getting is lowered also a Google pays you based on the number of clicks.

You’re getting so it’s really optimized for really really large traffic websites if you have a small audience that is very very targeted and very focused.


You’re actually better off selling ads directly on your website using a WordPress plugin like AdSanity that lets you keep hundred percent of the commission to yourself.

You can negotiate the price with the advertiser and even come up with long-term agreements so you’re not relying on two month checks.

Create on Membership Site

Creating a membership site, If you have any kind of information. You want to share if you have a group of people, Who want to learn then you can create a membership site. This is perfect for anything like a fitness.

If you’re learning something teaching something creating a membership site on your website and charging fees for maybe different tiers. Different groups will help you do that and the best way to do that is by using a plugin called Memberpress.

These lets you do the restricted access to any of the content, that you’re sharing restricted access to the groups. As well as different tiers so you can get as robust as you want for your membership site.

Selling E-book – Easy digital Download

Ebooks are a very popular way to monetize an audience online, because it’s a digital product. the cost to create an e-book is relatively low. If you have after the version of Microsoft Word 2010 or pages on your map.

All you have to do is write it write content in there and save it as a PDF and you have yourself an e-book, what makes it special is that you can just type with a plug-in like easy digital downloads for WordPress.

It lets you sell the sell you book on your website charge a one-time fee and then that’s pretty much it selling ebooks is one of the easiest way to make money online.

Very Popular online Payment Platform are allows to receive the digital Payment, Like Instamojo, Payumoney, Paypal etc. You Can easily collect your payment to minimal Charges.

Sell Your Online Courses

Sell an online course so you take that ebook that you just created and you get a little bit more robust. We had video you add content you had checklists, with selling an online course.

You can break it down into lessons and topics and with a plugin like LEARNPRESS The learning management system plugin, that you can add to your WordPress website. They handle all that for you with learn. You can create the content the courses and it doesn’t and it.

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Even adds features where people can’t access the next course unless they complete. The previous one you can also do quizes for your online course. As well so selling online courses is a great feature to add to at get money for your website.

Create Business Directory Website

Creating a Business directory now you might be thinking when you say web directory that’s like old school right that’s like pretty Google.

While generic Web directories are no longer necessary right but local or industry. Specific directories can be Extremely useful, So when you think about directories take a look at like Formidable.

They’re all directories all what they do is they gather local businesses, allow users to leave reviews.

There and you can even charge the business owners for placements and premium placements. So creating a Web directory on your website.

Especially, If you have a very targeted audience. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online website.

Starting a Online Store

You can Starting your online store this is one of the oldest things to do and it’s one of the easiest things to do when making money on your WordPress. Website you can sell a physical product it might be a product that you own and you want to sell online.

You can even do wholesale with someone else and partner with them and then sell it retail on your site and to do, that easily you can install a plugin called WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress it simply does everything you possibly could need for your online store.

Start Freelance Services

You can offering freelance services you are already good at what you do all you have to do is you can start earning income.

By offering that skill or expertise to other companies who may need it freelancing is by far the most popular way to make money online.

It doesn’t even require a blog or a website but if you do have one it helps you get more clients the easiest way. If you have an audience you can just start offering your services to your audience.

It’s an easy way to make money the way you start freelancing is just sign up for fresh books or another invoicing software. You know put a quitter services page on your website and that’s it people will start booking.

You or you can also use or sign up for a platform like clarity FM it’s clearly got FM and you create your profile there people always like book calls to talk to you and learn to me.

Start Your Consulting Business

Start Your consulting business so take all the freelancing information that you’re sharing and create a stir energy that your clients can take and implement themselves.

It’s the easiest to do again you don’t have to have a whole blog, but it helps. If you have a site and adding something like a forum on your website to accept quotes or leads from people.

We recommend using WPforms that you can add to your website, it even integrates with payment systems. You can get paid before you even start implementing. These strategies for your clients.

Final Thought

Hopefully You will Find your Ways, Why You make money with WordPress. If any questions, definitely comments in below this article, So Please feedback our articles for future improvements.

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