Free online Courses during of lockdown period as Worth $5000

During this Lockdown Period, We are hopeless or If you College/School going students after 12 which course is best? So If you are thinking, What to do? We will pick some Free online Course to during this lockdown period this is free.

We Picked Udemy Top Courses for Free

You can utilize this time period means you gain knowledge and easily work from home. Generally these Courses worth almost $5000. But COVID 19 are infected randomly of all over the world. This Situation most of the Countries are being Lockdown Period and everyone wants to Work from home. Many Companies are Provide there Paid Course for free to Limited time.

List of Free Courses and Tools for Free During the Lockdown Period

We are Research on the internet and finding a Prepare a Bunch of Free online Course List to help to learn new skills.

Keep learning for free online courses during lockdown

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Courses

If you already Starting on blogging, Do you know SEO is a big term of blogging? To the time blogging is too competitive, If you want to rank your blog on Google First Page, You need the Proper SEO technique. So we will Suggest Two Popular Platform, where you enroll in SEO Courses for free as Limited Time offer.

SEO hunter Ahrefs is introducing its premium courses and their regular price of almost $500. But during this Lockdown they are absolutely Free of Cost.

Moz Academy is the alternative Same Competitor of Ahrefs, They offer a bunch of SEO course with Certificate is Providing absolutely Free.

Course 1: Grab Now

Course 2: Grab Now

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2. Photography Course (PPA)

If you are Passionate to Shoot the Photos and want to work for any Company. This is the perfect time for you When you need Proper scaling your Skills. Professional Photographers of America are Providing their Premium photography Course, there worth $100 but This time is totally free. This course is designed a group of Photography experts.

If you are Signup this site, You can access 1000+ courses for free.

Grab Now: Click here

3. Android Development Course

To the time, Android development is the most demanding professionals. Are you find the best Android development online courses? Here these resources you will get the premium courses for free to limited time offer. Their prices are always changeable, after grabbing these courses, Please check this.

Grab Now: Click here

4. Language Learning Platform

Are you feeling boring and time is not spending? I have an idea, You can learn new languages. Then you can build a bright future in these learning means When you properly learned the other languages you can easily work as a translator, transcriptor, Converter, etc. I will recommend two resources where you learn foreign languages for free online courses during this Lockdown period.

Platform 1: Click here

Platform 2: Click here

5. Video Marketing Course

To the time Video is the Trending Part to Digital marketing. Everyone like to highly consume the video than the reading article. So guys Mr. Amresh Bharti Sir is guiding to different types of Video marketing strategies to there Video Mastery Courses. There regular price 7000 but This time is totally free.

Grab Now: Click here

6. File Share for free (Unlimited Large file)

Online File Sharing is more important to this time. Everyone share they’re a file to there friends remotely. But online large file sharing is too Expensive. Some tools are present online, who are providing free file sharing, but they have capped this limitation up to 2GB, 1GB, etc. We will recommend a website, whose help you will share limitless Size of file to anywhere to during this Lockdown period.

Avail Now: Click here

7. Tools for online Teachers and Students

To the time online teaching and learning is too demanding. Demand for online teaching is slowly increasing in India. So we are getting digital. If you want to teach online, Some tools are must be needed like online Screen recorder, online whiteboard, etc. We will recommend an amazing site, who are providing free teaching tools.

Grab Now: Click here

8. Best Coding Learning Platform

Are you interested and find to learn new Coding languages for free? A successful Coder Salary up to 50K/mo in India.

So, If your stream is basically the coding field, Then we will Suggest Some platform, where you learn any Coding languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, RUBY for free. Last 10 Years of Coding Experience to there teachers and 20M+ Students are already enrolled in their Platform. is forever free but The Second Site is free to Limited time. Please check this.

Platform 1: Click here

Platform 2: Click here

9. Best Online Fitness Platform

Everybody Should do regular body Exercises daily to keep hos body healthy but you might not be able to the Gym because of Covid-19. All these ways you can make your home a perfect place for a gym. Gym circulation in our country India is not online but its circulation aboard has developed. So We will Suggest some online platforms through which you can easily Gym in your home. They are Generally Charged Monthly basis, But up to 31st May 2020 forever free. So don’t miss this Chance

Platform 1: Click here

Platform 2: Click here

Yoga Course: Click here

10. Start Your Online Ecommerce Business

To the Time Ecommerce is the most Profitable business. World No#1 richest man Jeff Bezos is the Amazon owner who is earing their revenue to most of the part to Selling the Product online.

To the Same Part, You can start your e-commerce business but new website ranking is too difficult. So I will Suggest Use of Shopify. Shopify is the most Powerful 2.0 web Platform, which is specially designed by E-commerce. You can use every useful tool for Free. Unfortunately, They are Paid, If you have used this tool for the first time, Then had past offer 14 days trial but during this lockdown there offer is extended to 90 days free. So don’t miss this chance, Grab now this offer.

Site Address: Click here

11. Programming Courses (Free Certification)

If you are already Programming field and want to learning New Skills. You can learn these Courses for free. But If you want take there certification, Then you need to Pay on Charges. There totally organized by Coursera.

Matlab Programming: Click here

Machine Learning: Click here

C++ for C Programmers: Click here

Data Science for Math Skills: Click here

Android Development: Click here

Amazon Web Services: Click here

Cloud Computing: Click here

12. Best Activity Course (Free Certification)

If You are already involved any Proffesion, Then Generally You can’t have the sufficient time, But a small door opens in front of you briefly, Yes Guys We Picked the best activity course for free with Certification for Limited Time offer.

Guitar Learning Course: Click here

Creative Thinking: Click here

Social Psychology: Click here

Dog Emotion and Cognition: Click here

Introduction to Chemistry: Click here

Music Theory: Click here

Healing with the Arts: Click here

Final Thoughts

So, Guys, that you recommend courses you can start as a student in any of your backgrounds feel free to after 12 students.

So for our own safety, we will all support this lockdown. Be healthy and make yourself a more skilled person through these Free useful online Courses during of lockdown period.

If You Like this article will definitely share it with your friend and take my love Good Bye.

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