8 Best Email Hosting Services for Business (Cyber Monday Deals)

Email is usually the centerpiece of all businesses, based on which the fast impression of all businesses is understood.

An email address explains the first contact of that business to the people. That’s why we should always choose business related or product related emails. There are two main types of emails, free email provided by any email provider, such as Google’s Gmail, Yahoo’s yahoo mail, etc.

Similarly, for every business, there is a business email, which is paid. We will discuss a few points below about free mail service and business email hosting services.

Difference between Free Email vs Business Email Service

DescriptionFree(Personal) Email ServiceBusiness Email Service
ProfessionalityLike Un-ProfessionalProfessional
StorageFree StorageAccording to your Paid Plans
ProviderGoogle, Bing, YahooGodaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap
Extensions@Gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo@xyz.com, @yourcompany.com
Response Rate60%90%
UsePersonal UsageBusiness Usage

Friends, we usually use free email for personal purposes, but business mail is always used for marketing purposes and the business response rate is very high for which it is very important to have a business person.

To run this business you need separate hosting, which some hosting providers provide you, but it costs you a lot more money throughout the year. But on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals you will find attractive discounts on email hosting,

Below I have mentioned the names of the 10 best email hosting Services providers, where there are attractive offers on Cyber ​​Monday.

8 Best Email Hosting Services Provider

Serial No.Provider NameDeal TypeBuy Link
#1G SuiteLIVEDeal Now
#2Zoho WorkplaceLIVEDeal Now
#3Hostinger email hostingLIVEDeal Now
#4Bluehost email hostingLIVEDeal Now
#5Microsoft Office 365LIVEDeal Now
#6RackspaceLIVEDeal Now
#7FastMailLIVEDeal Now
#8IceWarpLIVEDeal Now

1. G-Suite

We know google is Provide almost all Free Services like Gmail, Youtube, Mobile apps, blogger etc. Do You Know? Google also Provide many business tools to there Premium Plans as called G-Suite Solutions.

G-Suite is not Just a Single tools, they are Provides a bunch of business tools, like Hangouts for messaging and video conferencing, Google Vault for Data Storage and Protect your privacy.

Exclusive G-suite also Provide Cloud Storage for Business email hosting Services. You can Store upto 30GB data Per user to there Basic plans with includes Core Google apps.

Different types of Business Plans are available

Business EmailBusiness EmailBusiness EmailBusiness Email and MIME encryption
Join Upto 100 video meetingsJoin Upto 150 video meetings + recordingJoin Upto 250 Video meeting + Recording + Tracking250 video meetings + recording + Tracking + noise cancellation,
30GB Storage2 TB Cloud Storage5 TB Cloud StorageAs Your Requirements
Standard SupportEnhanced SupportDedicate SupportAdvanced Security with Regional Language Support
Price: $6 USD
/ user / month
Price: $12 USD
/ user / month
Price: $12 USD
/ user / month
Contact Sales Teams

Try G-Suite Solution as it free for 14 days, Click here

2. Zoho Workplace

Zoho Mail is an email hosting provider company similar to G-Suite. They have been in the specialized cloud solutions industry for a long time. Zoho also has his own communication methods.

In these apps you will find all the interesting features, among them, cloud storage for saving documents, with the help of Office Suite you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations very easily.

Zoho Mail has introduced a new offline mode for their customers Features that allow you to easily send undo mail, recall mail, and 250MB attachments to anyone of there Paid Plans.

Zoho Mail offers up to 5GB of email storage and up to 25MB of media miles on your free plan, and you can access Webmail.

Try Now
Domain aliasesWhite labeling
5 GB per user50 GB per userCustom Storage Plans
Huge Attachments upto 250 MBAttachments upto 1 GBCustom Plans
Email BackupAll features of Mail Lite
Offline accessOffline accessCustom Plans
Price: $0.79
/ user / month
Price: $2.67 USD
/ user / month
Price: $1.33 USD
/ user / month

3. Hostinger email hosting

We know hostinger is the Popular hosting provider. They offers two types of Email Hosting plans Google Workspace email and Hostinger Email Hosting. Easy to use interface and the whole UI is mobile friendly.

Hostinger Email Service UI

Hostinger is also used for conferencing by offering video integration services. Generally hostinger offers to types of hosting Plans like Business Email and Entreprise Plans.

Each of these plans has amazing features like Contact Management, ontime antivirus checking and multi-device support etc. Their email hosting plans start at $ 0.99, with 10GB of storage, 2 mail filters, Advanced anti-spam and much more.

Business EmailEnterprise Email
10 GB Email storage30 GB Email storage
Antivirus CheckAntivirus Check
Anti-spam Protection50 Email Aliases
Pre-installed CalendarMulti Device Suport
Price: $0.99 /moPrice: $2.49 /mo

What I like most is that Hostinger gives you a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you do not like Hostinger service, you will get your full refund within 30 days.

4. Bluehost email hosting

bluehost email hosting

Do yo thinking to Starting a business to online, Then you must be need Business emails. Many types of email hosting providers are available in the market. Similarly, bluehost provides email hosting in very existing packages.

There unlimited email storage plans are starting on $2.99 /month. In this plans, You get unlimited storage and emails, when you are paying on at least 3 years from $99.

Basically three types of Emails package are available to there marketplace. like

Email Essentials: Bluehost offers

  • Email Storage 15 GB
  • Emails and Calendars
  • Outlook Web Access

Price: First yr. $2.99 per Person /mo
Renewal price: $4.99 per Person /mo

Business Plus:

  • Email Storage 50 GB
  • Emails and Calendars
  • External Storage Onedrive 1 TB
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Outlook cPanel Web Access
  • Microsoft 365 Online Premium

Price: First yr. $5.99 per license/mo
Renews at $9.99 per license/mo

Business Pro

  • Email Storage 50 GB
  • Emails and Calendars
  • External Storage Onedrive 1 TB
  • Microsoft Teams Access
  • Desktop for Microsoft 365
  • Access + Publisher for Desktop
  • Bookings and Invoicing Tools

Price: First yr. $9.99 per license/mo
Renews at $14.99 per license/mo

5. Office 365 Business Email Hosting Services

office 365 Business Email Hosting Services

Although various vendor companies resell email-hosting from Microsoft, Microsoft itself provides email-hosting services at Somewhat expensive. We know Microsoft office provides various types of accounting software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc.

With Office 365, along with its premium features, you will get many security features including custom domain spam protection by providing email hosting. Since Microsoft Office 365 is its main software business, its price is slightly higher than that of other email hosting providers.

Like other email-hosting providers, Microsoft Office 365 has a monthly payment plan. Their plan is mainly starting at £3.80 per month. The following is the whole business package

Microsoft Office 365 Business Plan

FeaturesBusiness Basic
Web & Mobile versions of Office apps✔️✔️✔️
File Storage with 1 TB✔️✔️✔️
Customers to Schedulex✔️✔️
Realtime and accurate tracking of reportx✔️✔️
Advanced securityxx✔️
Device managementxx✔️
Price£3.80 /mo£9.40 /mo£15.10 /mo

6. Rackspace

If you buy email-hosting from the market, the hosting provider adds many more features to it and adds to the price of the package. But if you want to buy email-hosting instead of these and want it to be cheaper, then Rackspace email hosting may be the ideal hosting for you.

Rackspace is another Email Hosting Service Provider for Small business. If you want to Start your Small Setup and you don’t want to Spend more money, Then Rackspace is here for you.

Rackspace Email Plans

Like all other hosting providers, they also offer a variety of email-hosting features, all of which we explain below. With this you will get the support of Microsoft team’s which will allow you to access everything like email, calendars, and contacts.

Rackspace Features

  • Rackspace offer a Single Plan to Starting from $2.99/user/month
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Storage 25 GB from mailboxes
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Easy to Migration
  • Inbuild Spam & Virus Protection Features

Rackspace also gives you webmail application support, which allows you to easily sync all your data across desktop or mobile devices.

7. FastMail

Fastmail is a tool focused on Email Hosting Providers. Fastmail also provides you with many features like Like messages, contacts, and calendar events.

You can add multiple domains and hosting with your Fastmail account and from there you can use multiple emails to multiple domains for your personal brand or for your company.

Fastemail UI

Fastmail also gives you advanced security features, filters, easy to user interface and complete ad free experience. All its plans are budget dependent and you can easily use it for your new startup

Storage 2GB /userStorage 30GB /userStorage 100GB /user
CalendarsFull featured CalendarsFull featured Calendars
Easy Import ToolEasy Import ToolEasy Import Tool
xCustom Domain SupportCustom Domain Support
xPopular Email apps Supported
(Outlook, iPhone Mail)
Popular Email apps Supported
(Outlook, iPhone Mail)
xAdvanced SnoozeAdvanced Snooze
Price: $3 /user /monthPrice: $5 /user /monthPrice: $9 /user /month

8. iceWarp Email Hosting

If you want to take advantage of more email features at a lower price, then Icewarp’s email hosting provider solutions are here for you. This is usually cloud computing solutions.

iceWarp email hosting services

You can add multiple domain and Subdomain to use your business email address and matches the departments. You can Sync your existing data under the IceWarp account.

If you compare it with the package price, the price is much lower than the rest of the email hosting services. Its package starts at $3.00 per month with 30 GB of email storage, the powerful features of Anti-virus & AntiSpam Protection are absolutely free. Many things including unlimited groups & sharing.

Advanced Email & Calendar✔️✔️✔️
Unlimited groups & sharing✔️✔️✔️
Full-text search✔️✔️✔️
Mobile Sync
(Exchange ActiveSync)
TeamChat with
Free Guest Access
Desktop Office –
an alternative to MS Office
Price$3.00 /mo$3.90 /mo$7.00 /mo


We hope you like these articles and definitely find the best email hosting services to according your features and requirements.

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