[Forever Free] 9 Best Free Website hosting Provider 2022

Are You finding the Free Hosting Provider?

If Your answer is YES! Then Stay is Post, Because We are Collected 9 Best Free Website hosting Provider, Which are Lifetime Free and You have not to Pay a Single Cent of money.

When using free hosting, don’t expect features like premium hosting. Because premium hosting is always good because they are responsible to the customers for providing good service.

But if you want to learn and practice your WordPress skills, you can definitely use free hosting. If you’ve been using Google Blogger for a long time, You probably know that there are some limitations to Blogger. Like

  • You have to design your site on one page, so you don’t get the features you want.
  • If we monetize Blogger with Google Adsense, then Google takes most of our earnings.
  • If we host our site on Blogger, We cannot customize our site as we wish.

List of the 9 Free Website Hosting Provider

No.Company NameExplore Link
1.WP Node HostingVisit Now
2.AccuWeb HostingVisit Now
3.000WebHostVisit Now
4.FreeHostingNoAdsVisit Now
5.Byet HostingVisit Now
6.InfinityFree WebhostVisit Now
7.AwardSpace HostingVisit Now
8.x10 HostingVisit Now
9.Free hostingVisit Now

1. WPNode Web Hosting


Features of WP Node Hosting

✪ DiskSpace: 1 GB
✪ Bandwidth: 10 GB
✪ Business Email: No
✪ Auto App Installer: No
✪ Backups: No

2. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

Features of AccuWeb Hosting

✪ DiskSpace: 2GB SSD
✪ Bandwidth: 30 GB(Up to 5000 Visitors)
✪ MySQL connections: 15
✪ FTP Accounts: 5
✪ Business Email: 25
✪ Physical Memory / RAM: 768 MB

[Most Affordable] Beginner Friendly Hosting

3. 000WebHost


Features of 000WebHost

✪ No of Website: 1
✪ DiskSpace: 300MB
✪ Bandwidth: 3 GB(Up to 500 Visitors)
✪ MySQL Database: 1
✪ Cloudflare Protection
✪ FTP Accounts: 1
✪ Business Email: No

4. FreeHosting NoAds


Features of FreeHostingNoAds

✪ Disk Space: 1 GB
✪ Bandwidth: 5 GB
✪ Free Business Email
✪ Free Website Builder
✪ Free Sub-Domain
✪ MySQL Databases: Unlimited

5. Byet Hosting

Byet Hosting

Features of Byet Host

✪ No of Website: Unlimited
✪ Disk Space: 5 GB
✪ Bandwidth: Unlimited
✪ MySQL Database: Unlimited
✪ Cloudflare Protection
✪ File Size: 10 MB Maximum
✪ FTP Accounts: Free
✪ Business Email: 5

6. InfinityFree Webhost

InfinityFree Hosting

Features of InfinityFree WebHost

✪ Disk Space: Unlimited
✪ Bandwidth: Unlimited
✪ MySQL Databases: 400
✪ PHP Version: 7.4
✪ MySQL: 5.6
✪ Free Business Email
✪ Free Subdomain Names
✪ Free SSL on Custom domains

7. AwardSpace Hosting


Features of AwardSpace Hosting

✪ No. Of Website: 4
✪ Disk Space: 1000 MB
✪ Bandwidth: 5 GB
✪ MySQL Databases: 400
✪ MySQL: Unlimited
✪ Free Business Email
✪ 100% Ad Free
✪ 24/7 Customer Support

8. x10 Hosting

X10 Hosting

Features of x10 Hosting

✪ 100% Pure Cloud SSD Servers
✪ Disk Space: Unmetered
✪ Bandwidth: Unmetered
✪ MySQL Databases: 200
✪ Free Sub-Domain
✪ Free Business Email
✪ 100% Ad Free

9. Free Hosting


Features of Free Hosting

✪ Disk Space: Unmetered
✪ Bandwidth: Unmetered (30000 Visitors Daily)
✪ MySQL Databases: 200
✪ 100% Ad Free
✪ No Business Email
✪ Free Domain not Supported


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