7 Best Domain Extensions For Micro Niche Blog Under $1

Are you finding the Best and Unique domain extensions?

Here This article We will collect 7 Best popular domain name extensions, here Price Under almost $1 and they are defined to TLD types of domain.

What is Domain Extensions?

Any website that needs a specific address to access it is called a domain name. Every Domain registrar company are provides there unique Domain name.

Domain extensions are the last part of a domain name. Like If you are Choose your Domain name yoursite.com, Then there extensions name .com.

Tpes of Domain Extensions Categories

Different Categories of domain extensions are already available in the market.

Top Level Domain Extension (TLD Domain)

TLD type domain is the most Popular and common type domain. Anyone can purchase this type of domain and there have no Restriction, Anyone can globally access of TLD type domain.

Example: .com, .net, .edu, .org, .info etc.

Generic Type Domain Extensions (gTLD Domain)

Generic Top Level Domain is a kind of Top level domain extension. Until recently, it was categorized as a top level domain.

To the Last 1-2 Years, ICANN categorizes this domain category. gTLD type domains are defined to the unique type domains but they are the TLD domain.

Example: “.beer,” “.tech,” “.ooo,” “.blog,” “.website,” “.biz” etc.

Country Code Domain Extensions (ccTLD Type)

ccTLD type domain is the country-wise Top-level domain extension, It’s defined to a specific country like .in for India, .us for the USA. Some ccTLD type domains are restricted, only use these types of domains, who are living in these countries.

Some types of Country Code domains are use to anyone like .TV, .io, .tk etc.

Example: “.in,” “.us,” “.pk,” “.jp” etc.

IDN ccTLD – internationalised country code top-level domains

IDN ccTLD domain is an encoded format type and uses a non-Latin character like special characters to be used.

There have different categories like

Second level

These type of domain name is followed to the TLD type domain but branded name are also included this type of domain.

To get a second-level domain, the company has to register directly with ICANN, then the specific person can use that type of domain.

Example: “.co.ca”, “.co.in,” “.nic.in,” “.co.uk,” “.co.pk” etc

Third level

Generally, Third Level domains are Specify to Second Level type domain name. These are preferred as subdomains. Third level type domains are mainly used to Larger companies, who are working there own server between the employees.

Example: “www” is a most common type Third level domain extensions

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nTLD Type Domain

Generally, New domain names are categorize to these types of domains as called nTLD domain. This type of domain can be any category be it top level or second level

Examples: “.voyage”, “.app”, “.ninja”, “.cool”, etc.

7 Best Domain Extensions list for Micro-niche Blog

Best Domain name under $1
Best Domain name under $1

Good News guys, According to this Pandemic situation, Domain domain registrar company are offering best Top-level domain, and there Price under $1.

You can use These types of Domain extensions to your Micro Niche Website. So Please follow this table below.

No.Domain ExtensionsDomain TypePrice
1.xyzgTLD$0.60 /yr
2.sitegTLDs$0.99 /yr
3.websitegTLDs$0.99 /yr
4.onlinegTLDs$0.99 /yr
5.techgTLD$0.99 /yr
6.storegTLD$0.99 /yr
7.spacegTLD$0.99 /yr

If You want to purchase these types of Top-Level domain under $1. Then you have to go to this specific website.

Different types of Specific Domain Niches

We will give some ideas, Where you can use these types of gTLD domains to your Specific Micro-niche Website.

(.xyz) Domains

This is a common type of domain extension, You can use .xyz domain to any type of niche blogs, not only to micro niche blog.

(.site) Domain

.site is a new domain extension, Since in 2017. This is a gTLD type domain. You can use your micro niche blog and 100% SEO friendly domain.

(.website) Domain

“Website” is synonymous word of internet. It is the most rememberable domain extension and they are use any types of niches and defined to geographical areas. It’s meaningful, explanatory gTLDs type domain name.

(.Online) Domain

(.online) is the most well-known nTLDs domain extension. Anyone can purchase in this type of domain.

No.1 Consumer-Satisfying domain extension and anyone can use this domain and rank there website on globally. Over 120k websites are currently running .online domain.

(.tech) Domain

(.tech) domain is another popular gTLD type domain extension. You can use this domain to your Micro-niche, Specially for Tech blog. News blog publishers’ are also use (.tech) domain extension.

(.Store) Domain

If you’re planning to Start your e-commerce business or Affiliate store, here In this domain You can definitely start your site to this (.store) domain extensions. SEO optimized and 100% AdSense friendly domain.

(.Space) Domain

(.space) is another Popular nTLD type domain extension, Specially designed to Science fiction blog Niche.

Aeronautics and many kinds of R&D Companies are uses in this domain extension, where make there business more understandable. Moreover, this type of domain extension is used by freelancers, designers, writers etc.


Hope You Guys, This article is helpful to you and You can find the 7 Best domain extensions to your micro-niche blogs to under your budget $1 /yr.

If anything doubt Comments in below this article and Share Your blogger friends.

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