Top 6 Android apps for Youtubers Which are very important

To the Time Youtubing is a Popular Way to Make money online. Who are Create their Contents and Upload on youtube there are Called Youtuber or Youtube Creator.

Everyday Lakh of people are Joined on Youtube and They Create to the different type of videos. As you may not know, 70 to 80 percent of people use YouTube with their smartphones, So it requires a variety of applications. With the help of this article we have shown Top 6 useful apps for youtubers that can make you pro youtuber.

6 Best Android Apps For Youtubers

We’ve made a list below to show you which apps you might need if you want to be a Pro Mobile YouTuber, so we’ll suggest some apps accordingly, but mind it ratings is not matters, which is best for You, that is the matter.

No.Name of AppsActive InstallationGoogle Ratings
1.Youtube Studio100M+4.4
2.Youtube Gaming10M+3.9
3.Screen Recorder10M+4.3
4.Lexis Audio Editor5M+4.4

1. Youtube Studio

The most important and useful application of every youtuber is the creator studio apps on youtube. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Desktop computers, such as YouTube, have a Creator Studio dashboard for creators that allows you to play all your videos. YouTube Studio Apps for mobile, with which you can manage all your videos, Views, Subscribers and Watchtime everything can be seen very easily.

2. Youtube Gaming

Especially for those who usually love to play games, YouTube has come up with their YouTube gaming app. Through which you can show your live game online to everyone with the help of your youtube channel and by collecting views from it and gaining watchtime you can monetize your channel and you can earn money.

This is an important application that is most interesting to all gamers. In a word, it is a special application for gamers that allows you to interact with your audience very easily and your audience can donate to you via sticker emoji.

3. Screen Recorder

If you have made a video with a mobile application or mobile, you may need a screen recording at some point. There are millions of applications in the Google Play Store.

With the help of which you can do screen recording, but there are many annoying ads in it, but I will suggest you the application, in which you will not find any ads, you can use it for free. You will get multi features like live drawing with multi color etc.

4. Lexis Audio Editor

If you are a YouTuber or a voice artist, you may need a good sound recorder at some point. Not just voice recordings, but voice editing as well. This is especially true for those YouTubers whose YouTube channel is voice based and who make screen recording videos such as Educational or Motivational.

If You are install this app to your Smartphone. Then You can access more unique and amazing features like you can edit your audios to multi layers, easily Include your music to the audio’s background.

So through this article I will suggest you a best voice recorder app with which you can record your voice in high quality, then you can edit it professionally very easily. The most notable feature is that you can easily reduce the noise of your audio and finally you can save the audio in various formats WAVE, m4a, aac, FLAC and WMA.

5. Vita Video Editor

If you are a YouTuber then you must have video editing, and here video is the main component. There are many types of video editing software, which is more user friendly.

It has many basic to many advanced features like video cropping, splitting, tripping. Advanced features have many transition effects. Copyright free preloaded music playlist for background music on YouTube, which you can use in your youtube videos

There are many types of video editing software available in the Play Store, some free and some paid. We will suggest you a video editing app, which is absolutely free. You are in Google Play Store.

6. OFFLINE: PicsArt

If you are a youtuber and blogger then you must have thumbnails. Thumbnails are the showcase of the video, 90% of people click on the video after seeing the thumbnails, so it is very important to make the thumbnails attractive.

If you do a good thumbnail, keep the graphics good, then your youtube channel will definitely grow and if you give good infographics on the website, the user’s clicks will also increase. There are two main types of photo editors, online and offline. Internet is needed online and no internet is required offline. Many photo editors are available in the Google Play Store.

We will first suggest you offline Best Video Editor and then Best Online Video Editor. Offline video editor includes Picsart. If you use it with the internet, you will get many extra-pre-built templates, filters and many kinds of effects.

Which you can download and use without internet, besides all kinds of basic features like crop, ad layers, ad text, you can do without internet very easily.

[Bonus] ONLINE: Canva

OTHERWISE, You can Edit on ONLINE. Canva is a Popular ONLINE Photo Editing platform like a editing tool. You can Create Any types of graphics like Thumbnails, infographics, book cover, greetings card for free.

In this tool version you can use many types of paid graphics as well as editing and you will get many types of paid elements. There are also many advanced features that are only available in the Pro Membership Plan, such as allowing you to directly download images in Transparent (PNG) format and also create shot animation graphics (Motion Graphics) in your Pro Membership Plan and download.

If you want to be a good YouTuber, download Top 6 useful apps for youtubers now and make amazing videos with your own smartphone that no one has seen before.

We Hope you understand my every point, Thanks for Spending your valuable tim. If You have any queries and doubt, Comments in below. Thank you

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