We know we are done multiple works on PC, Smartphone but Can You work multiple works in the simple screen. Yes Now it possible cause This extension is providing to multiple working facilities to in Single screen means when You activate this extension Then you Can multiple browsing in just
Single screen and Your working Table are divides to multiple screens.

Download this Extension on Chrome Store >> Click here


This is a very helpful extension to you. This extension is offered to Print to any current working screen. Means you are Print to any screen for Customily then you can delete to any unwanted Letters, Particles in Just Single Clicks and Then Print to Physically. If you want to print then you can save on PDF format.

Download this Extension on Chrome Store >> Click here


This is a simple extension and Use to very simple. If you want to download any website image, infographics etc This extension is too helpful to you. When you work to any webpage then Click this extension and randomly download to any images to your current screen. If you want to download single images, Then just drag your cursor to images then Press on Spacebar, quickly download to these images.

Download this Extension on Chrome Store >> Click here



If you want to Record your browsing Screen, This extension is most helpful to you because this fully free. This screen recorder offer to Some editing features, Like Crop, Split, etc. This extension only working to online but helpful When you recorded your screen activity, Then you can download this record to video format and you can share your recorded video to Link format on directly. Just share your link and who want to see your Tutorial video, recording and they definitely watch this. You can also save on Google drive.

Download this Extension on Chrome Store >> Click here


This is a most powerful extension. When you browse on Internet and If you want Save your Internet activity and you can Reminder your working schedule. This tool is save your Internet searching activity and you are access to anytime and anywhere.

Download this Extension on Chrome Store >> Click here

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