Best Free Traffic Source for Your New Blog

If You have money, It’s an easy way to Promote your Product to the best advertising companies like Google ads, bing ads, Taboola ads, etc. but that the time online advertising is so costly, So initially, everyone does not pay for advertisement. Hey guys, Today this article we will share your Best Free Traffic Source for Your New Blog.

If you are Create New blog, then you always think for traffic, Someone drive ads to many platforms, but still Don’t Need to Pay for these ads. Where you can get more traffic for free.

# WAY 1 To Get Website free Traffic: YouTube

Yes, YouTube is not Just an Entertaining Platform. You can promote your business through YouTube and also drive traffic to your website.

➤ If you create a website, then you should choose a particular niche and simultaneously Create a Youtube channel to your website niche

Create YouTube Video according to your website post and You can notify your audience like “More Info, To Visit my website”. YouTube algorithm organically Priorities your videos in the first 24 hours. Then you watch Your Website Traffic is definitely boosting.

➤ You can ask your friends, they must watch your Videos and give feedback through comments into the videos.

# WAY 2 To Get Website free Traffic: Udemy

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, Udemy is the best free traffic source and You can also build your trust for branding.

➤ First of all, Create a Udemy account and put your website URL to your profile and You can get Backlinks. That is obviously your benefits to search engine.

➤ Always Try to Create a Short Udemy course to at least 30 min and Create Project and assets link on your website. Who are join your course, They definitely Visit your website and download this asset.

➤ You can earn money to double the way. One side of Udemy courses (If course are paid) and the other way of website ads.

Finally, You’re building amazing connections, amazing rapport with them.

# WAY 3 to Get Website Traffic: Podcasting

To that time Podcasting, Industries are growing very fast and their market share in 1 billion dollars in the USA. So This is a good opportunity to grow your blog very fast, Just need a strategy, We are sharing this point.

➤ We will not recommend creating your own podcasting channel. Just Find Newbie Podcaster or Interviewer and ask them, You want to freely share their content URL to post your websites. If they are New to this industry, They obviously Agree on the condition and Laterally two-person is Profitable. You can gain Traffic through there content and other side increasing their awareness.

➤ You can Find many Interviews with different Podcasting Platform Like Google Podcast,, Audible, etc.

➤ Google now, Additionally index on Podcasting to there search engine. If you are Post Podcasting Short audio file to your website. Then Google is more prioritize your content and more visible on the search engines.

# WAY 4 to Get Website Traffic: Pinterest

Bilaterally To the Time, Pinterest is the Most Growing Platform in the Indian Market. Pinterest is generally the Picture-Pedia Sharing Platform, Where You can execute your thoughts through the Pictures. In the Past U.S.A is the Richest market to Pinterest. Our main focus to the Traffic, Pinterest fulfilled this requirement. So follow us

➤ Pinterest is Image sharing Platform, So Need to create beautiful images, You can freely create amazing graphics to Canva offers many Pre-loaded graphics templates. Just insert images and Ready.

➤ Create beautiful graphics to relate your blog post, Then Create a Pin to your Pinterest. You can Promote your content and also attach your Post URL. Use Relevant Hashtag and Tag. When Your Images are rank on the Pinterest platform, Then you get amazing massive Traffic.

➤ You can Use Tailwind Tribes, This is another platform, where You can Schedule your Pinterest post and they also offer many features Keyword, #hastag, etc. The hashtag is a best-promoting way to your Content. This tool automatically analyzes your Images and find the best tag.

You can Use there Trail Services, No credit card required, Tailwind Tribes also manage your time and deliver best services.

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# WAY 5 to Get Website Traffic: Hosting Virtual Summits

Virtual Summit is the best way to increase your brand awareness and gain free traffic source indirectly.

➤ If you are first to live on Virtual summit, Use always Social Platform on Facebook. Facebook is the best platform where You can Live easily and Share Your Knowledge.

➤ Share your Quick Technic to relate your website content. You can share any Assets like cheatsheet, PDF action guide, templates and They are linked to your website. Who are inspired by your Virtual summit, They definitely visit your website and you are drive more traffic.

➤ If You are arranged on Virtual Summit, If they are loved your interaction. Then many bloggers and marketers are fans of your content, Then increase your brand awareness and automatically those are converting your product and daily customers. Then Promote your Website for free.

Like Neil Patel is a great digital marketer to increase their brand awareness to use this Technic. Start Create relations with other bloggers and have as audience. This is an effective way to get free traffic for the new website.

➤ You can also be selling your Product through this technic because you have an open platform and you are an icon in the eyes of your audience, so in everything you do.

# WAY 6 to Get Website Traffic: Facebook Group

To times, the Facebook group is a Potential way, Where you gain Massive and loyal traffic to your website.

➤ Find a bunch of Facebook Groups according to your website niche and create a spreadsheet on Excel and They are used to smartly.

➤ Now everyday interact with many group members. If you have new members, Then you Solve their queries and make a friend.

➤ When you are a pro member of those groups. Then You can Share your idea, thoughts through your content and Drive more Traffic to your website for free. This is a Psychological way to gain free traffic to your website.


We hope You will Understand my every Point and learn the amazing Technic, Where You can find the free Traffic source to your new Website and use this Technic to your new Affiliate website and increase more conversion.

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