15+ Best Domain Registrars Of 2022

When We are Planning to Start our New Website, Then Primary Need to address means Domain and Then house means Hosting. But We Can’t find the Perfect and Cheap Place, Where we will find the best domain registrar company.

Are you Looking for Best Domain Registrar Company in the Web?

Yes! Hosting Offer is Providing to the many different Company but When We will Find The Best Domain Registrars, Then we will very hopeless. Some Company provides many discounts of the domain, but there Renewal Charge is too high, So Fiends, We will Prepare a Complete List Where You will find the Best Domain registrar Company in the Web.

What is a domain name?

Domain Name is address of the Websites.

When choosing the best domain name registrar Company, Then You should follow these criteria. We will compare to the all PRO and Con’s to these Companies. Fist of all Domain Registrar Company is Controlled by the ICANN, Which is a Non-Profit Domain Management Corporation.

A domain name helps to easily address your Website, This is a combination of IP address, To make it easier for us to remember, turning IP addresses into domain names, Like as https://blogsguru.net

How Domain Name Work?

We will already talk that, Domain is a combination of IP addresses. All IP addresses are Controlled by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN allows to the Best domain registrar who are following of ICANN rules.

When you register your domain on any registrar company, Then ICANN tracked there server and mark to booked of your names. When anyone register to there site, Then Showing that “This Domain is already taken”. This Process work to a fraction of second.

How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar Company

All Registrar Company are not authorised to sell all domain extension. Some Domain registrar Company are sell only Country basis Domain ccTLD type Domain like .in for india, .us for United States, .bd for bangladesh.

Many Domain register company have many domain Selling strategy, Some of the company are offer to the 1st Year and Some company are deliver Combo offer, means Hosting with Free Domain $Doller. Actual these type of company are hidden Charges to there hosting.

We will Discuss Some of Ideal Point who are navigate to the Trusted Domain Registrar Company. Let’s Follow us

Prices and Hidden Tax Charges

Fist of all Check your Domain Price, Some of the company are low charges for 1st year, Then there renewal charges is high. So make sure check this fees, before the Purchasing on Domain.
When you Purchase your dream domain, then make sure to check the Tax Fees. Sometimes, Some of the domain registrar company are hide there Tax fees, and the Last moment your total fees is too high.

Domain Transfer Policy

If you’re not happy to your domain registrar, Then you can definitely move your domain to other registrar company. Normally when you purchase New domain, Then ICANN is locked your domain on this registrar, After 60 Days, You can definitely move to other company.
Normally No need to Pay extra Charges to transfer your domain, but Some of the company are charged extra fees.
So you should check there Domain Transfer Policy, Then Purchase the domain name.

Domain Add-on Service

Before Purchasing the Domain, You should to research on the market. Means To there compilation, Some of the Domain registrar company are providing to the many add-on Services for free Like Domain Security Protection, Domain lock, IP block etc. If you will get free, Then you have not need to pay Extra charges for this Add-on.
So make sure Research the market before purchasing the domain name.

Customer Support and user-friendly

An ideal Registrar company have good Customer Support and user-friendly, So must be check there Customer support. Check there UI, because Sometimes we can’t find the Domain settings , like Nameserver, CNAME etc. Such we are face many difficulties.

So These points are must follow and We will definitely find Best Domain Registrar company.

15+ Best Domain Registrar Company in 2020

We will explain for only the .COM Domain in the below. You can definitely check to other domain these official Websites

Serial No.Registrar CompanyPricing Website
1Google Domain$12 /year Fixed Price for RenewVisit Google Domain
2Hostinger$8.99 /year Renewal $11.00Visit Hostinger
3Hox India (Only India)₹649 /YearGrab Hox India offer
4Godaddy$2.99/1st Year, Renewal $17.99Visit Godaddy
5Namecheap$8.88 /Year, Renewal $12.98Grab Namecheap Deal
6Domain.com$9.99/ Year, Renewal $10Visit Domain
7Crazy Domain$8.60/ YearClick here
8Bigrock.COM for $13.95/YearVisit Bigrock
9iPage.com – $10.99Visit iPage
10Register.com.com for $5.00 With 1 month FreeRegister Now
11Name.com.com – $8.99, Renewal $20Choose your Name
12Mewnix.com.com for $9.25, Renewal $10.56Mewnix Now
13Bluehost.com.com Domain for $11.99 /yearGrab Bluehost Deal
141&1 (iONOS)$1/year for 1 year and then
just $15 /year
1&1 Now
15InMotion Hosting$15.99 Fixed Price for RenewalGrab Now

1. Google Domain

We know Google is a Popular Search engine on the Web, In the last 2 year Google Starting there Domain Selling business. Google has been a trusted brand since the beginning, So it has been easy to market it separately for Domain sales. Last year, the Google domain was in beta, properly stable in the market from 2020


  • Fixed Price for Domain Renewal
  • If you are called Google Domain there Extra layer of Trust and security
  • You can watch your Domain Stats to your Google domain Dashboard
  • Private registration With No extra Charges.
  • Easy to Transfer
  • You also get a Free Business mail from G-suite
  • 24/7 Support

2. Hostinger

If you’re called from most affordable hosting, we always recommend on Hostinger. But If you are saying on there Domain selling service, it’s also good, Because If you are search for any domain, They also recommend to other SEO friendly domain. You can definately Purchase to bulk domain.

Hostinger Domain
Hostinger Domain


  • There Domain Renewal Price is fixed to there other advantages.
  • Sometimes They are offered to there Domain.
  • Almost all types of domains are available to there marketplace.


  • There Hidden tax to charge for every transaction.

3. Hox India

As you memorize there name, Hox India means, This is an Indian Website. They also a bunch offer to there Combo plan means If you are purchase there Hosting plan, Then you get Free Domain.

Hox India
Hox India


  • FREE Domain to there Hosting Plan
  • Free Domain Protection.
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • You can’t Purchase Free Domain to without Purchasing the Hosting plan
  • Customer Support is not good

4. GoDaddy

Godaddy is the most popular and oldest domain registrar company. They also offer many discount coupon codes to different regions. My personal tips, If you want to get coupon code, Create a GoDaddy account, and Choose a domain and Add to Cart. Then you will coupon code to your email.

Godaddy Domain
Godaddy Domain


  • Many Discount are available to all times
  • Easy and Simple interface, who are easy manageable.
  • Domain Transfer is Completely free
  • FREE GoCentral Website Builder


  • Domain Renewal price is high
  • Can’t Provide any Free domain Addon

5. Namecheap

Name is another powerful Domain Registrar. They also offer a Lots of features, Like Premium DNS, Free Domain privacy protection.

There Search tool is powerful. If you’re domain name is not available, Then they also provide more suggestions name.


  • Easy Manageable
  • Cheap Price and Affordable.
  • Free Domain Security Protection
  • Most of times, They offer many Discount coupon code.


  • Domain Transfer Service are Chargable
  • Hidden Tax are avail.

6. Domain.com

Domain.com is a another Domain registrar company, Who are providing domain to cheap price.

They also provide sitelock features, as you say for Domain protection. They offer free domain to there premium hosting plan.

7. Crazy Domain

Crazy Domain is a popular domain registrar, Specially for domain discount are available to this company. They provide Promo Code to region wise. If you’re purchasing there Domain, Then you will get Free .site Domain for one year.


  • Domain Transfer is free
  • Easy Domain Setup
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free .site Domain
  • Different types of Coupon code are available.


  • Renewale Price is high
  • Poor Customer Support

8. Bigrock

Bigrock is one of the Trusted and old Domain registrar company. Previously There business is manly based on the hosting, Then they Starting on the Domain selling business. They also offer many Domain management tools but a lot of disadvantages.


  • Easy Manageable and user-friendly
  • Good Customer Support Team
  • Affordable Pricing for Domains


  • Domain Transfer process is Chargable
  • Domain Renewal price is high
  • Domain Privacy and many add-on are Paid.

9. iPage

Ipage is one of the best Domain registrars among to all. They also provide Superior Hosting Service. IPage also provides 300+ unique domain name extensions like.best,. blog, .website etc. They not Just limited to Common domain extensions .com, .org or .net.


Domain Privacy, you can keep your personal contact information to safe. But need to pay Extra charges to $9.99 /Year
Easy way to Transfer your Domain to another domain registrar
Automatically Renew option is available. They are saved to your domain of against to expire.
Good Customer Support.


  • Can’t Provide Free Domain Shield
  • Manually Renew option is not avail

10. Register.com

Register.com is one of the oldest and Trusted Domain registrars. They are found in 1994 and there headquarter is New York. Multi-vendor Company Web.com Group has operated on Register.com. Recently 2.5M+ Domain are registered to under this company.


  • Well known and trusted company.
  • Customer Support via phone and email.
  • Affordable Domain Price, Just $5
  • Free Domain Transfer.


  • WHOIS Protection is Not free
  • No Live chat options is available.
  • Customer Support is available is only 9AM to 5PM

11. Name.com

Name.com is basically a Domain registrars’ company, who are found in Denver. They also provide Web Hosting, Web Mail Service, SSL Certificate and Website builder.
They mainly working for Common types of TLD Domain like .com, .net, .org.


  • Name.com is highly approved by ICANN Domain registrar
  • It’s also offers Multiple web Mail Service
  • Free Domain Transfer is also Available
  • If you are purchase there hosting plans, then you get Free Drag and Drop Website builder.
  • It’s also Provides Free SSL Certificate to their Hosting plans.
  • Amazing Customer Support.


  • Domain Shield is Chargeable
  • Domain Renewal Price is a bit of High

12. Mewnix.com

Mewnix.com is a New Domain Registrar Company. There Main business to affordable Hosting to Cheap price. They Provide FREE Domain name to their Combo Hosting plan. There Hosting plan Starting on $0.90 /month.


  • Free Domain Shield
  • Good Customer Support and Live Chat is available
  • Easy Domain Manager.
  • Sub-Domain is totally Free
  • Easy Domain Transfer


  • 9AM to 5PM Customer Support
  • Domain Renewal Price is High

13. Bluehost.com

This is the most affordable Hosting company, who are Specially for beginners. Bluehost hosting is optimized for WordPress. They also Provide Superior Domain Service but not Popular. There hosting offers mainly based on their combo pack.
So you can start your dream website on just $ 2.75 per month and get a Free domain name. If you want to purchase domain to additionally, then you have to pay $11.99/Year for .com Domain.


  • Domain Transfer is totally free of cost but at least renew for one year
  • Also get Custom email and G-Suite for $5 /Mo
  • WordPress optimized managed hosting.


  • Amazing Customer Support
  • No Domain Privacy protection
  • Domain renewal price is high.

13. 1&1 (iONOS)

1&1 is a Old and popular American Domain registrar company and also provide expensive hosting service. But Their Domain selling process is good. Domain manger is Some complicated, but don’t tensed their Customer support is awesome. If your searching domain is already taken, they provide more domain suggestions. You can take easily any domain.
But If you are expecting to pay for your regional payment method, sadly that is not possible. You have to pay international payment method like VISA, American Express, PayPal International etc.


  • Good Customer Support
  • Domain Shield is Free
  • Easy Domain transfer
  • User-friendly Domain Suggestions


  • Only International Payment method is available
  • Complicated Domain manager
  • Expensive Hosting Price

14. DreamHost

Dreamhost is a best domain registrars’ company on the web. They also Provide many features like domain Shield, SSL Certificate, Advanced DNS. Easy Interface Let’s Choose your domain name and Then register.


  • Free Domain Privacy Protection.
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Unlimited Free Sub-Domain
  • Simple Domain Manager
  • If you are Purchase there hosting, Then you get a Free SSL, Free business email.


  • Customer Support is not Good
  • Not Popular and Pricing is a bit of High range.
  • No Traditional Domain Manager.


So, this article we will tried our best and Hopefully you find your Best domain registrars to according your requirements.
We will Discuss the 15+ Best Domain Registrars Company and compare to each other. If you have any doubt, any questions, Then comments in below this article.

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