How to Add Professional Table to your Blogger Post

Hello Developers, we know everyone Starts there blogging career to from google cause It’s free, Reliable for a lifetime. Don’t need to pay any Charges. Just Create a free blogger account and Free Domain ( and Now your Website is Run. If you want to post a Table on blogger post, that easily not possible. So This article will tell you How to Add Professional Table to Blogger Post.

First You need to Link Boostrap on Blogger Templates (themes), Then Paste our HTML Table code.

Link Bootstrap on Blogger Templates

Open Blogger dashboard

Click on Themes and Then Edit HTML

Paste Bootstrap Link after the <head> Section

Save Themes and Now Finish

Download Bootstrap Link Code

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

How to Add Table to your Blogger Post

Create a Post and Click on HTML on your Post

Then Click on CTRL+F and Find on <head> and Paste the HTML Table Code after the <head> and Publish.

Add Row on the Blogger Table

If You add the Row on the table, Then Copy the last Row and Paste the Next Link. Follow the image

Uploaded by Imgur. Check my Profile

Add Column on the Blogger Table

If you the Column, Then Copy every last line of every table. Then Automatically Add the Table. So Watch the below Picture

Uploaded by Imgur

Download the Table Code

[su_button id=”download” url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f85d23″ size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”round”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

If you want to Live Edit to your Table, Then You can help This Site ► Click Here

Final Thoughts

Hey Developers, If you Carefully Follow all step, Then you Successfully add an HTML table to your blogger post

Hope You understand all Coding sections and also be understand How to Add Professional Table to Blogger Post If anything doubt, freely Comment below to post.

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