3 Best Ads Network for Newbie blogger

Are you a Newbie blogger and looking for a 3 best ad Network, Which is help to monetize your blog and generate earning. Similarly, many Ads Network is available in the marketplace, but all are not good, because they are mainly cheat on to the payout time and refusing many payments for new bloggers even they have across to the payment threshold. So we will Share 3 best ads Network for Newbie blogger.

High-quality ads Network Google AdSense, media.net is obviously good ads Network and there ads quality is too good but the initial time their approval process is strict, so New bloggers always find 3 best adsense alternative ads network who are less strict.

Today is your good day, here you find your proper solution because I will tell you, 3 Best ads network newbie blogger. They are instantly approved your site and earn money on your own blog.

1. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is ideal for entry-level blogger, They will pay only Cost Per Mile (Cost per Thousand impressions). This means they will pay per 1000 views on $1. If you have a new fresh blog, you should must be try on Propeller ads.

CPM RATE: 1$ – 4$ Per 1000 views.
PAYOUT METHOD: Payoneer, Webmoneyz and other payment options.

Cons of Propeller Ads

  • Their payment amount depends on your Site quality. If your site quality is better, lite weight Then Propeller Ads highly pay on up to $4.
  • Low revenue on Non-English Sites. If your site belongs to non-English content like Hindi, Bangla, Urdu. Then you have generated low revenue.

2. Revenuehits

If you are looking for likely AdSense type ads Network, Revenuehits is a good one. Because they instantly approval the newbie blog. They won’t pay on Click and Impression, They only Paid on Click per action(CPA). Means This type of ad network uses which type of advertiser that requires user data. If the user Click any ads and fill their information, Then they will pay on the publisher.

CPA RATE: $10 to $50 per action.
PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer

I love this ad network on Revenuehits. I have seen many publishers earn 10$ -100$ per day to using this ad network.

Cons of Revenuehits

  • They won’t pay CPM or CPC. only pay on CPA, So this is a negative point of this ad network.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is the name to monetizing your blogs. This is a High-quality ads Network but fewer restrictions compare to AdSense. Their ads serving quality is too better than other ads Network. There Setup process is too good, Just Paste there single links to your site’s section, Then automatically create multiple ads format to your site, it’s likely to Google Auto ads. They will be paid to users on CPM (Cost Per Mile).

CPM RATE: Depends on There Countries. High CPM (US, UK, CANADA, etc).
PAYOUT METHOD: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, eCheck, etc.

Cons of Infolinks

  • If your traffic is not too high CPM countries, Then your Payment is too low.
  • Sometimes google AdSense not allow to infolinks Network so be safely use Infolinks on the same page, where you are monetizing with AdSense.


Those are the good Collection of ads network for newbie bloggers. It’s not are popular on Websites compare to AdSense and Media.net. but I think the best choice for newbie bloggers, who are want to taste online earning.

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I think these ads network may not choose according to you. So Please Share your best Ads Network in the Comment section.

Thank you for Spending your time and hopefully you gain the better value of this post.

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