Website builder VS Custom Designed Website

When we are thinking to create a new website, We can’t decide which type of site is best and who are fulfill our requirements and create a beautiful website.

Are you thinking about becoming a professional blogger?

Then you will need a professional website, which is full-featured. Generally, we see two types of website like Website builder vs Custom Designed website.

Hello guys, Blogsguru is here, In this article, we will telling you, who is the best option for your Website builder vs Custom Designed Website.

Easy to Website Builder

What is a Website builder?

Website builder looks like a web Application who are Provides many online tools and You can create your website to using these tools.

Just Drag and Drop concept. Actually, these tools are created to CSS and JAVA.

When you use any element they perform according to your requirements and coding is generated to your backends. So don’t need any coding knowledge.

Many Pre-loaded templates are available, You need to type your input and Create a readymade website. To design your website to these builders and You have a lot of benefits like Pre-loaded templates etc.


Startup of Business

Whose are starting there new online business but not have coding knowledge and if there have no funding, they definitely use that website builder.

It’s an economical way to create brand awareness and to develop a digital marketing campaign.

Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit organization does not generate Cash to expand a business. They generate cash to donate to individuals or entities that need it most.

So These type of organization definitely uses on the website builder and create beautiful website to without any effort.

Types of Website Builder

Generally, Two types of Website Builder is available in the market. Paid Website Builder and Open-Source Website builder.

Paid Website Builder

The paid Website builder offers different types of PRO features Like Different tool but have a bit of problem that barrier means. If you use there Pro features,

Then you have to pay extra charges and many Limitations are faces to there free plans. Paid Website Builder Like BigCommerce, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace,, Wix, BoldGrid.

Open-Source Website Builder

Open-Source Website Builder is a Free type of Website Builder. You can Customize your website according to you but some features are available as compare to Paid Website Builder.

Many Security issues are faces to these type of Opensource built websites because of there full control of our hands. Example Strikingly, Jimdo, Mobirise, IM Creator, Webnode, Mozello, SimpleSite.

We will Review Best Open-Source Website Builder- See that

Custom Design Websites

A custom website generally designed by a high skilled developer, where you have extensive knowledge of coding and who is structure your website layout, Finally who has perfectly fulfilled your requirements.

This is ideal for those who have no time to develop their sites and want to show up their business. They obviously hire a high skilled developer and they will build your website to fit your niche

3 ways Custom Design website will beneficial to you

1. No barrier or Limitation

When I develop our website using a Website builder, Then we are facing many barriers means we can’t fully customize our website but Custom coded Websites have not any barrier, you can customize to freely.

So who wants to expect a fully featured Website, They can definitely use on Custom Design Website So that it’s suitable for both desktop and mobile use.

2. Freedom of SEO

You know the custom-designed website has no barrier. So you can optimize your website to the Search engine and easily rank. because You can perfectly on-page SEO to custom-designed website.

3. Everything is done for You

When you have busy maintaining your website, If you have no time to properly structure your site, Then a professional Developer has done this work, there have no problem with customizing your website.

You will also have the benefit of having your own domain name, so people can find you easily to the Search engine.

Final Word

If you a startup blogger or Entrepreneur, If you have small funding, you can definitely use Website builders will be for you. But If you want to grow your business and if have more traffic, Then you definitely switch on Custom Design Website.

Fiverr is the best freelancing marketplace, where you can hire Developers according to your budget.

So which is the best option? according to you. If any doubt Below the comment section. We are happy to spend your time and hopefully understand our comparison of Website Builder vs Custom designed website.

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