Website Loading Speed is a big factor to SEO (Search engine optimization) cause google always prefer to Light weight professional site and there layout is to simple. Many bloggers have publish to huge number of post but they are thinking, how there website is low ranking position, according to google search. But believe me Website heavy is a factor of low ranking on google. So some coding knowledge is must be needed to blogger. So also be needed to routinely check to your website loading speed.

Today this article I will share you two best websites to Check your website or blogs loading speed.


This tool is developed by google, So this is must better than other paid tools and completely free. This tool is not just Page speed analyser tool, they also be check your page error and simplify your page speed slowing causes. How your page is too slow, they completely analyse your data. They have categorize your webpage speed to mobile and PC version.


They have simple and you can also attached google lighthouse plugin. They completely highlight your page error and you can use this plugin on google chrome and chromium based browser.


GT matrix is a web application to competitor on google pagespeed insights. It also check to any websites page error and gives tips to increase website speeds. It show all error and correcting methods. Overall this is too good for website monitoring for free.

Just put your website URL and Click for analyse to give a 4/5 second instantly check your website performance.

Use Those Tools and Check your Website Performance in 4/5 sec.

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