Top 5 AMP Themes for Blogger


AMP Stands for Accelerate Mobile Pages.   Google has developed a type of web script that’s are quickly flash to any Website and Users are more interacted with any articles. Google Search Engine is More priority to this Script. So many Developers use this Script and Create AMP friendly Themes and These types of themes are used too many bloggers, and Easily Ranked to any Types Website. Both Types of AMP Themes are available to the market, FREE & PAID. I will Recommend Some Free AMP Blogger Themes. You use your Own blogs for Easily…


This Themes is more natural and Elegant Colours. This is more Responsive and Lightning fast Themes. This is free and themes is created by ABTHEMES


This theme is Created by Arline. He is a professional blogger and he is Published on IDNThemes. This theme is Simple, clean and Lightweight. There loading speed is awesome because it’s based on AMP. This is Free and You can Use Bloggers.


No Thumbnail are Support and You can only Use blogpost on front Pages.


If You want to Start blogging and can you Create a Beautiful site? You can use Vletters themes. This theme is created by Bung Franki. This blogger theme is covered under google Amp. This Responsive and mobile friendly and Search Engine optimized. You can use these themes for free.


This theme’s main feature is, This theme meta description are more customizable and SEO friendly. That’s UI-colour are fore attractive and there are more several additional features and More responsive, beautiful navigation bar and Lightning-fast loading speed.


If You have Magazine type blogs and Your best choice is AMP NEWS themes. This is Created by Md Camp. This template is responsive and has 3 columns. You can Use these themes for free.

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