How To Convert Your Blogs Into Professional Website

Are you using a Blogger website? Want to Convert your blogs into Professional Website.

If Your answer is Yes! This the Right option to you, Where You Convert your blogger blogs to Professional WordPress Websites without losing the Traffic.

Now a time, Blogging is a popular and trending way to earn unlimited money. Who are beginners to create their first blog on Blogger? Blogger is a product of Google and you use Google hosting, If you use Google AdSense, Google is deducting your revenue share up to 68 %.

If you want to make your professional website on WordPress to your existing blogger blogs, So we will discuss how to convert your blogger blogs into a professional website, without losing your traffic.

Why Important To Professional Website

  • Blogger is not fulfilling your requirement and looks not likely professional.
  • You can’t totally Control that, Some limitation is avail.

Requirement To Make Professional Website

  • You need your existing blogger blogs who are you want to convert.
  • Need Hosting and Domain.

How To Setup Your Website

OPEN >> and backup your existing blog’s content

Backup Your Blogger Blogs

Open >> Choose your targeted blogs >> Settings >> Others >> Import & Backup >>  Backup your Content >> Click here to download your all content in one .xml file

Import Your Content On WordPress

Now Open your WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Import >> Now install on Blogger Plugin >> Install now.

When you Install your Blogger Plugin on WordPress dashboard, Then Click on Run Importer. Then Click on Importer and Choose your Downloaded backup content file and Upload. When finishing on upload, Choose your import author name and Choose author existing user, Then select on Admin. Finally, Click on Submit and Now Successfully import your blogs on WordPress but all Links are not properly set. Now you need to create the same links as blogger links.

Setup Your Permalinks Links

Open your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings. Then Clicks on Permalinks and Select on Month and names. Then Save Changes. But Not Show on (dot)HTML links.

How To Show Dates To Your Blogs Url Like Blogger

You need to install a Plugin. Open your WordPress Dashboard >> Click on Plugin >> Select on Add New >> Search on >> Blogger to WordPress >> Install

Then activate this Plugin. Select on Tools >> Blogger to WordPress redirections. Then Click on Start and Configuration. Then Show your Blogs Who are you imported. Then click on Get Code. Copy This Code and Don’t Click on Verify Configuration.

Open Your Blogger Dashboard Who are you converted >> Click on Themes >> Scroll down and Click on Revert to Classic Themes.

Then Delete all Code and Paste your Copied code, Then Save Themes. Then Click on Verify Configuration on WordPress dashboard.

How To Show (Dot) Html To Your Blogs Url Like Blogger

You need to install a Plugin. Open your WordPress Dashboard >> Click on Plugin >> Select on Add New >> Search on >> .html in url >> Install
Then activate .html in blogger plugin, Click on WordPress dashboard and Select on Settings >> Permalinks >> Now select on url delete “” . Then put on .html . Now Refresh your WordPress Blogs page.

Then Successfully Complete your operation. Now to Completely Converted your Bloggers to WordPress to without Losing Traffic.

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