AdSense Banner Sizes: Top 5 Ad Formats for Maximum Earnings

Are you find the highest CPC Google AdSense banner sizes?

Today is your Lucky Day, You are find the best place to earn maximum revenue to these ads banner.

We will discuss to the effective ways to increase your Adsense revenue to place the ads of your Proper place of the website. Because Adsense is the first choice of every newbie blogger. So you need the Proper Placement knowledge.

I know to the time Every Ads are Responsive means automatically adjusted your ads fit to every devices but proper ads format are too important to your Website layout.

So Let’s Get Start it.

Top 5 Adsense Ads Format for Maximum Earning

1. Leaderboard Ads (798×90)

This the Famous Ads Format on Every publisher and You can earn more revenue this type of ad format. This type of ads Generally Place of the Top Section of your Every pages.

Ads Size: 798×90

Leaderboard Ads unit (798×90)
Leaderboard Ads unit (798×90)

Placement: Generally Top Section.

Benefits: Your earning is generate mainly your user’s impression. When the user browses your webpage, Then show leaderboard Ads to your every page and get more impression on this type of ad.

2. Rectangle Ads (250 x 300)

These types of ad are also called Medium Rectangle type ads. This types of ad revenue generate generally user clicks and also impressions. Medium Rectangle Ads are mainly Place on the website Sidebar Section but You can also use on your articles.

Ads Size: 250×300

Medium Rectangle Ads (250×300)
Medium Rectangle Ads (250×300)

Placement: Generally Sidebar.

Benefits: When you place these type of ads to under the article, Then automatically generate ads to your articles types, So increase the chance to user clicks and Generate more revenue.

3. Banner Ads (468×60)

Are you Looking the mini version of Leader board Ads? These type of Banner ads which you can also use your website articles. There many Sizes Like 728×90, 300 x 250, 468×60. Banner Ads are generated Revenue on Impression.

Ads Size: 728×90, 300 x 250, 468×60 etc.

Banner ads (468×60)
Banner ads (468×60)

Placement: Page Header and under the articles.

4. Monster Page Ads (300 × 600)

This is the Long size of banner ads and Generate More Revenue this type of ads as also called Monster Page unit ads. Their resolution quality is high, So I will recommend this type of ads are use to your Single web page or You can use your Website Sidebar Section. This the perfect place to show your ads.

Ads Size: 300×600

Monster Ads unit (300×600)
Monster Ads unit (300×600)

Placement: Generally uses on the Sidebar Section of your website.

Benefits: This type of ads are generate revenue to user impression and user click both are the way. OR you can use your website articles and Chance to users click and make money.

5. Square Size Ads (250×250)

This is the most Popular Ad unit on Google Adsense. Size of 250×250, So There resolution is square type and fit to any devices. You can two ways of earn like Impression and clicks through this ad unit. I will recommend don’t use multiple ads to your webpage otherwise, interrupt your users.

Ads Size: 250×250

Square Size Ads (250×250)
Square Size Ads (250×250)

Placement: Sidebar and Website articles.

Best quality Adsense Ads unit

Best quality ads units are decided to the user’s impression and clicks. My experience with Google Adsense ads works best and maximum results.

  • Leaderboard Ads
  • Rectangle Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Monster Page Ads
  • Square Size Ads

If you have to face any problem with Placement Google Ads. Then I will Recommend one WordPress Plugin, Who are help to Placement Adsense banner ads sizes easily. So Try this Plugin.

Ads-Inserter Plugin:

Ads-Inserter Plugin is the best option to place Google Adsense easily even any ads network are support this plugin. You can get different features like AMP support, Mobile optimized ads Support and fit any devices like Mobile, Tablet, PC etc.

Final Thought

Differents ways are present to make money easily through your blog. Adsense is the first option to generate revenue for newbie bloggers, you can get a timely payout to use of AdSense.

If you use the right adsense Banner sizes to your blogs, Then you can definitely increase your revenues and possibility to get more clicks and impressions.

If you have more questions, comment bellow.

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